Charge-Changing Cross Sections of 736 A MeV ~(28)Si on Carbon Targets 

The total and partial charge-changing cross sections of ~(28) Si on carbon targets at 736 and 723 AMeV are studied by CR-39 plastic nuclear track detectors usin...
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本文介绍了激光全息照相中 ,改变光路图实现了观察全息图的新方法。
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Probing the top quark flavor-changing couplings at CEPC 

We propose to study the flavor properties of the top quark at the future Circular Electron Positron Collider(CEPC) in China.We systematically consider the full ...
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Further Study of Halo-chaos:Effect of Parameters Changing, Particles Tracking and Adaptive Controlling 

In this paper, based on previous study of controlling halo-chaos, we deeply study the effect of the changes of zero-current pha
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Temperature on the transmission characteristics of the different hole-shaped liquid crystal photonic crystal fiber 

In this paper,we study different hole-shaped photonic crystal fiber filled E7-type liquid crystal at different temperatures and changing the refractive index...
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Formation of absolute PBG of 2D square lattice by changing the shapes and orientations of rods 

In this paper,the effects of shapes and orientations of rods on absolute PBGs in 2D square lattice are studied. By replacing round rods with square rods, which ...
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Analysis of Λ_b→pK~- and p∏~- decays in a flavor changing Z' model 

In this paper, we calculate the branching ratios of Λb→pK-and p∏- decays in the flavor changing Z model. We find that the branching ratios for these two decay ...
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Study on B→φK~* and B_d→φK_S decays in a flavor changing Z′ model 

We study the polarization anomaly of the Bd →φK*0 decay and the time-dependent CP asymmetry SφKS of the Bd →φKS decay in a Z′ model associated with flavor chang...
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Spin dynamics of high-spin fermions in optical superlattices 

We investigate the spin dynamics, starting from the initial band-insulating state, of fermionic high-spin atoms in optical superlattices. Through numerical simu...
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B_(s,d)→μ~+μ_- decays in a flavor changing Z′ model 

We study the pure leptonic decays Bs,d →μ+μ- in a Flavor Changing Z′ Model.From the recent measurements of the branching ratios B(Bs,d →μ+μ-),we have derived th...
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Bifurcation analysis and control of periodic solutions changing into invariant tori in Langford system 

Bifurcation characteristics of the Langford system in a general form are systematically analysed, and nonlinear controls of periodic solutions changing into inv...
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Determination of the neutron skin thickness from interaction cross section and charge-changing cross section for B,C,N,O,F isotopes 

The effective neutron and proton root-meansquare radius of stable and unstable nuclei(~(12-15,17)B,~(12-20)C,~(14-21)N,~(16-24)O and ~(18-21,23-26)F) were deduc...
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