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Preparation of γ-Al_2O_3 Ultrafine Particlesand Its Application in Hydrogen Peroxide Biosensor 

In this article, we illustrated the preparation method of γ Al 2O 3 ultrafine particles. The particle size and morphology were decided by a transmission elec...
《Journal of Shanghai University》  1999年 第01期 下载次数(10)| 被引次数(1)

Development of Surface Plasmon Resonance Based Biosensor Immunoassay for sulfadiazine 

The veterinary drug sulfadiazine (SD) residue fast detection in foodstuff by surface plasmon resonance (SPR) biosensor was researched. SD coupled with the ca...
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Approach to Quantitative Detection of CD146 with a Label-free Protein Biosensor Based on Imaging Ellipsometry 

CD146 glycoprotein, belonging to the immunoglobulin gene superfamily, plays a unique role in heterophilic cell-cell interactions as a calcium ions independen...
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A novel improved design for the first-generation glucose biosensor 

The historical development of three generations of enzyme-based amperometric glucose biosensors are compared.A novel design of the first-generation glucose gios...
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An ethanol biosensor based on a bacterial cell-immobilized eggshell membrane 

An ethanol biosensor was fabricated based on a Methylobacterium organophilium-immobilized eggshell membrane and an oxygen(O_2) electrode.A linear response for e...
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Bioelectrochemical response of a choline biosensor fabricated by using polyaniline 

On the basis of the isoelectric point of an enzyme and the doping principle of conducting polymers,choline oxidase was doped in a polyaniline film to form a bio...
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New progress and the application of BOD biosensor were reviewed in this paper.It has introduced the basic principles,characteristics,the status quo of research ...
《重庆环境科学》  2003年 第01期 下载次数(242)| 被引次数(15)

New amperometric glucose biosensor by entrapping glucose oxidase into chitosan/nanoporous ZrO_2/multiwalled carbon nanotubes nanocomposite film 

A new nanocomposite material for construction of glucose biosensor was prepared. The biosensor was formed by entrapping glucose oxidase(Gox) into chitosan/nanop...
《Journal of Central South University of Technology》  2007年 第01期 下载次数(93)| 被引次数(1)


Over the past decade there has been increasing interest in the development andapplication of biosensors for detecting various biological analytes.Perhaps th...
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Detection of Peptide Damage Induced by Fenton Reaction with Electrochemical Biosensor 

Hydroxyl radical is one of the most reactive oxygen species (ROS) in biological systems, which can react with proteins and result in protein oxidation and da...
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A Novel Biosensor for the Rapid Determination of Biochemical Oxygen Demand 

Objective To investigate the function of a novel biosensor used for the rapid determination of biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) which is developed by our researc...
《Biomedical and Environmental Sciences》  2007年 第01期 下载次数(116)| 被引次数(5)

Acetylcholinesterase Biosensor Based on Poly(diallyldimethylammonium chloride)-multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes-graphene Hybrid Film 

In this paper, an amperometric acetylcholinesterase(ACh E) biosensor for quantitative determination of carbaryl was developed. Firstly, the poly(diallyldimethy-...
《Nano-Micro Letters》  2013年 第01期 下载次数(9)| 被引次数(5)

A Simple and Reliable Assay for Detecting Specifi c Nucleotide Sequences in Plants Using Optical Thin-fi lm Biosensor Chips 

Here we report the adaptation and optimization of an effi cient, accurate and inexpensive assay that employs custom-designed silicon-based optical thin-fi lm...
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DNA生物传感器是分子生物学与微电子学、电化学、光学等相结合的产物 ,它将在生命科学与信息科学之间架起一道桥梁 ,成为DNA信息分析检测最重要的技术之一。简要介绍了电化学DNA生物传感器、压电石英晶体DNA生物传感器、光学DNA生物传感器的结构原理
《传感器技术》  2001年 第01期 下载次数(364)| 被引次数(23)