Syntheses of novel bioactive Natural Product-like Compounds based on Diversity-Enhanced Reactions 

The success of future drug discovery heavily relies on the sustainable identification of new chemical entities.Quick synthesis of skeletally diverse natural pro...
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Dimer-Based 3D-QSAR Studies of Novel Analogues of Neonicotinoids:the roles of molecular aggregation state of bioactive compounds with water 

Water molecules have been found can bridge the binding of compounds with targets through hydrogen bonding networks in many binding sites.In other word,these ...
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Cell Affinity Capture and HPLC-MS Analysis for Anticardiovascular Diseases Drug Screening from Danshen 

This manuscript develops a novel high-throughput analysis and screening method of cell affinity capture coupled with HPLC-mass spectrometry analysis(CAC-HPLC-MS...
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Novel Bioactive Compounds from Some Chinese Marine and Terrestrial Plants 

Discoveries for the advancement of medicine and understanding of life sciences constitute one of the most powerful ways in whic
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Radiation Parameters of Some Potential Bioactive Compounds 

In this study,we aimed to determine the radiation parameters of some potential bioactive compounds.1-Aryl-3-dibenzylamino-propane-1-on hydrochloride type Mannic...
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Tertiary Enamides Are Unique Building Blocks in the Synthesis of Natural and Unnatural Bioactive N-Heterocyclic Compounds 

Enamides are enamine variants that are stable and occur as natural products.Due to the electronic effect of an electron-withdrawing group on nitrogen,the del...
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Chemo-enzymatic Synthesis of Bioactive Compounds 

As the readily available synthetic intermediates,nitriles have been extensively used to prepare carboxylic acids and amide deri
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Developing polymeric micelles for cancer targeted theranostics 

Polymeric micelles are generally constructed with a protecting shell of a hydrophilic polymer for shelling the hydrophobic core, demonstrating high performance ...
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