Versatile Metal-Ligand Chromophoric Building Blocks–From Design to Supramolecular Assembly and Functions 

Recent works in our laboratory have shown that novel photofunctional organometallics could be assembled through the use of various metal-ligand chromophoric ...
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Supramolecular Nanostructures from Self-Assembly of Various-Shaped Rod Building Block Oligomers 

H-shaped,n-shaped and X-shaped rod-coil molecules,consisting of biphenyls and a p-terphenyl or phenyl unit linked together with ether bonds as a rod segment ...
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Single Cyanide-Bridged Mo(W)/S/Cu Cluster-Based Coordination Polymers:Reactant-and Stoichiometry-Dependent Syntheses 

Heterothiometallic Mo(W)/S/Cu cluster-based coordination polymers(CPs)have attracted increasing interest in recent years for their fascinating architectures1 an...
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Two adipato dinuclear Cu(Ⅱ) complexes and two layered coordination polymers with dimeric semi-paddle-wheel like tetranuclear copper clusters as building units 

Reactions of Cu(ClO_4)_2·6H_2O,adipic acid and N-donor aromatic ligands produced two adipato-bridged dinuclear copper(Ⅱ) complexes {[Cu(phen)_2]_2(C_6H_8O_4)...
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微米到毫米尺度的宏观超分子组装是超分子化学的重要发展方向之一,它有望用于复杂三维结构的自下而上制备。目前,宏观超分子组装的关键在于发展合适的驱动力实现构筑基元的扩散运动和有效碰撞,以及增强宏观构筑基元间的结合常数以实现其超分子组装。为此,我们提出并发展了 功能协同的智能器件 和 柔性间隔层 的概念,建立了 宏观构...
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