Study on Electric Commerce of Supply Chain Management on China's Household Appliance Industry 

The development of electric commerce will create a kind of new medium in Supply Chain, and cause a new medium market. This paper summarizes the characterist...
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第2部分:连接器和仪器引入线 1 A 250 V、连接器和仪器引入线用量规 

Connector and appliance inlet 1 A 250 V, gauges for connector and appliance inlet Zusammenhang mit der CEE-Empfehlung 22/Oktober 1962, siehe Erl?ute...
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Qingdao Hisense Electrical Appliance Co.Ltd. 

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A long-term retrospective study of upper airway,soft palate and hyoid position changes in OSAHS patients treated with Silensor appliance 

Purpose:This study aimed to investigate changes in soft tissue of the upper airway dimension,the shape relationship of the soft palate and tongue,and the hyoid ...
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消防车辆.第11部分: LF 20/16型组合给水设备、HLF20/16型救援用给水设备HLF20/16 

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消防车.第5部分:LF 10/6型泵车组、HLF 10/6型营救行动用泵车组 

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Applies to two-pole non-reversible appliance couplers for cold conditions for a.c. only, with a degree of protection against ingress of water higher than ...
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Suzhou Medical Appliance Factory:Dominant Drafter of ISO 17218 

Suzhou Medical Appliance Factory is a class-two national enterprise and a Hi-new-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province,and a plant of over 140-year production ...
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