Are People More Willing to Speak out in Social Network Sites by Using Alternative Accounts 

This paperis studying the alternative accounts in Social Network Sites(SNS).The paperconsists two parts. In the first part, Uses andGratification theorywas used...
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Evaluation of magnetic resonance guided high intensity focused ultrasound in the treatment of uterine fibroids by transvaginal contrast enhanced ultrasound 

Objective To evaluate the efficacy of magnetic resonance guided high intensity focused ultrasound in the treatment of uterine fibroids by transvaginal contrast ...
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Neuronal nitric oxide synthase alteration accounts for the role of 5-HT_(1A)-receptor in modulating anxiety-related behaviors 

Objection Epidemiological studies of anxiety disorders have indicated that as many as 29%of people will,at some point in their lives,suffer from anxiety diso...
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A control study on bacterial resistance of ESBL-producing E.coli and K.neumoniae isolated from burn wounds 

Objective To observe the drug resistance of E.coli and K. pneumoniae(KP) isolated from burn wounds and compare bacterial resistance rate between ESBL-produci...
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目的:探讨宫颈癌组织中不同高危型HPV的检出率,并分析其与宫颈癌临床的关系。方法:以各例宫颈癌组织中提取的DNA为模板,采用国外文献报道的HPV PCR 通用引物GP5/GP6进行HPV L1区基因序列的PCR扩增, 对PCR产物通过直接测序及序列分析进行HPV分型,并结合临床资料进一步分析其与宫颈癌临床分期、病理类型...
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Mitochondrial DNA diversity of Coilia mystus(Clupeiformes:Engraulidae) in three Chinese estuaries 

Sequences of mitochondrial cytb and 16SrRNA gene segments were obtained in order to clarify the genetic diversity and population structure in three Chinese e...
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Roles of the glutamatergic neurons in the lateral periaquedeuctal gray on sleep and wake regulation 

Nearly one third of people in the world have troubles on sleeping, and rapid eye movement(REM) sleep behavior disorder accounts for a large proportion. The mech...
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Memory traces for short and long-term cerebellar motor learning 

The sustained decrease of cerebellar Purkinje cell(PC) output is postulated to be a potential memory trace for motor learning.Earlier in vitro studies have s...
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Primary malignant lymphoma of the mandible 

Non-Hodgkin s lymphoma(NHL) is a malignant proliferation involving the lymphoid tissue. It is reported that about 30% of cases arise in extranodal sites.Primary...
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