Selection of endogenous reference genes for copy number detection in transgenic sugarcane 

Transgene copy number has a great impact on the expression level and stability of exogenous gene in transgenic plants.Quantitative real-time PCR technique,wh...
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生咖啡 缺陷参考图 

本标准提供了生咖啡的缺陷参考图,并规定了生咖啡各种缺陷的质量损失系数和感官影响系数。 本标准所确立的术语和定义适用于生咖啡交易中的规范用语。
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Identification of suitable reference genes in leaves and roots of rapeseed(Brassica napus L.)under different nutrient deficiencies 

Nutrient deficiency stresses often occur simultaneously in soil. Thus,it s necessary to investigate the mechanisms underlying plant responses to multiple stress...
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Two reference genomes of indica rice and their implications for rice research and breeding applications 

Asian cultivated rice consists of two subspecies: Oryza sativa ssp. indica and O. sativa ssp. japonica. Indica rice accounts for over 70% of total rice producti...
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Selection of reference genes for normalization of microRNA expression by RT-qPCR in sugarcane 

Sugarcane,one major sugar crop,promising material for biofuel and some food industries such as rum,originates in the tropics but is cultivated mainly in the sub...
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Selection and Validation of Reference Genes for Gene Expression Analysis in Vigna angularis Using Quantitative Real-Time RT-PCR 

Adzuki bean(Vigna angularis) is one of the most important legume crops in Asia due to its nutritious protein and starch contents,as well as its useful potential...
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生咖啡 缺陷参考图 

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Reference genes for quantitative real-time PCR analysis and quantitative expression of P5CS in Agropyron mongolicum under drought stress 

Reference genes, stably expressing in different tissues and cells, are commonly used as the references in expression analysis. Selecting the optimum reference g...
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