Xinjiang Non-ferrous Group and Huajin Mining making investment for lead zinc smelter 

Xinjiang Qianxing Mining Co.Ltd,jointly in- vested by Xinjiang Non-ferrous Group and Zhongya Huajin Mining(Group)Co.Ltd,was established recently.It is report...
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Journey To Xinjiang 

25Carpets and tapestries are important to the livelihood of Xinjiang minority nafionali—ties.A large number of women are skille
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First Report of Zircon U-Pb Chronology and Hf Isotope Evidence of the Heluositan Group Granulite in West Kunlun, Xinjiang 

Objective As the uplift belt on the southern margin of the Tarim block,the Tiekelike block consists mainly of a set of Precambrian metamorphic rocks with gra...
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A Checklist on the Distribution of the Birds in Xinjiang was published 

A book, A Checklist on the Distribution of the Birds in Xinjiang, was published by Science Press recently, which was mainly edited by Prof. Ming MA from Xinj...
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A preliminary agreement on the ex-ploitation of Xinjiang ASHELECOPPER MINE has been reached be-tween four organizations includingChina National Nonferrous M...
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Countermeasures and Suggestions for Sustainable Development of Water Resources in Xinjiang 

Water resources utilization degree and utilization pattern in a region largely determine the scale and speed of economic development in the region. The bottlene...
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The Ophiolitic Mélanges in Strike-slip Fault Zones in West Junggar, Xinjiang, NW China 

The West Junggar region of western China,located in the far eastern end of the Kazakhstan orocline,occupies the junction of the Siberia,Tarim and Kazakhstan blo...
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BTG-Jianguo Opens in Hami City,Xinjiang 

BTG-Jianguo will open its i vestar Spring Red Star Jianguo Hotel in Hami City.Covering 35,000 square meters,the hotel consists of a main building and four VI...
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Ore Forming Fluids of Several Gold Deposits in the Irtysh Gold Belt, Xinjiang, China 

The metallogenic environment of the Irtysh gold belt in Xinjiang is studied in detail. The metallogenic geological background, metallogenic conditions and ore-c...
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Studies on Cataclastic Lithofacies and Copper Metallogenic Regularity for the Glutenite-type Sareke Copper deposit, Xinjiang 

1 Introduction Large-size glutenite-type copper deposit was controlled by the Mesozoic Sarekebayi intracontinental pull-apart basin in Xinjiang.Strata expose...
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Focal Depth Determination of the 2014 Yutian M_S7.3 Earthquake Sequence,Xinjiang 

An M_S7.3 earthquake occurred on February 12,2014 in Yutian County,Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region,which was followed by a series of aftershocks. This paper ca...
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Geochronological and Geochemical Constrains on Petrogenesis of the Jietebutiao A-type Granite in West Junggar,Xinjiang 

Late Paleozoic post-collisional granitoids are widespread in West Junggar,as well as northern Xinjiang.As a representative of those intrusions,the Jietebutia...
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Rare Earths of Two Types Granites in Sawuer Region, Xinjiang 

The geochemical characteristics of rare earth elements of A type and I type granites were studied in the Sawuer region, Xinjiang. The characteristics of two typ...
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US Tang Energy Group to explore wind power in Xinjiang 

TangEnergyGroupLtdoftheUnitedStatesisexpectedtoinvestUS$40milliontobuildtwowindpowerfarmsinNoFthwestChina sXinjiangUygurAutonom
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