Environment Energy Exchange in Xinjiang 

On July 13th,Shanghai Environment Energy Exchange Xinjiang Branchwas unveiled in Urumqi,Xinjiang region.The sole environment energy exchange institution in ...
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Xinjiang's Investment in Nonferrous Mining Up 16.1% Between Jan. and Apr. 

According to the Development and Reform Commission of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region,the nonferrous mining investment in Xinjiang has been growing rapidly ...
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The oasis expansion and eco-environment change over the last 50 years in Manas River Valley, Xinjiang 

The oasis expansion and economic development of the Manas River Valley is one of the most successful examples in Xinjiang. In this paper, the oasis spatial dist...
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A team from the Xinjiang GeologicalProspecting Bureau recently discoveredan ore body with large copper depositand is considerably rich in gold,molybdenum,si...
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Xinjiang Tianye Starts up 400 000 T/A PVC Project 

On August 14th,2008 Xinjiang Tianye Company Ltd.(Xinjiang Tianye) commenced the production of the 400 000 t/a PVC (polyvinyl chloride) project in Shihezi,Xi...
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Color Cotton Fabrics from Xinjiang 

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Research on the seismogenic environment for deep earthquake and the cause of earthquakes in Xinjiang and its adjacent areas 

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In early Late Carboniferous only the South Junggaru-Bogeda area of the ancient North Xinjiang geosynclinal region was still in the geosynclinal stage,when it wa...
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Research on Coupling Relationship between Social Economy and Ecological Environment in Jinghe County of Aiby Lake Basin,Xinjiang 

Based on the theory of sustainable development,using the theory and method of coupling relationship,the main city of Aiby Lake basin——Jinghe County in Xinjiang ...
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Xinjiang Guanghui to Launch MTO Project 

Xinjiang Guanghui Industry Co.,Ltd.(Xinjiang Guanghui,SH:600256)announcedon December 19th,2007 it will construct a600 thousand t/a methanol-to-olefin(MTO)pr...
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Frasnian-Famennian boundary events in Tarim Basin, Xinjiang, Northwest China 

In the Tarim Basin (in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Northwest China), the Frasnian-Famennian (F-F) boundary and boundary events within the Upper Devoni...
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The neodymium isotopic characteristic and geological significance of Kuokesu plagioclase amphibolites from the Kuruktag, Xinjiang, China 

The plagioclase amphibolites from Kuokesu area, Kuruktag, Xinjiang occur as enclaves embedded in the granodioritic gneiss. In the light of major elements and RE...
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Xinjiang Liye Tianfu Kicks off Large Methanol Project 

On March 26th, 2009 Xinjiang Liye Tianfu Energy Co., Ltd.(Xinjiang Liye Tianfu)held a ceremony for starting the constructionof a 2.4 million t/a coal-based ...
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Xinjiang:China's Top Natural Gas Producing Region 

According to the data released by CNPC and China Petro-leum and Chemical Industry Association,China produced 66.6 billion m~3 of natural gas in 2007 and the...
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