Geology,Geochemistry and Genesis of the Hongshijing Gold Deposit in Ruoqiang,Xinjiang 

The Hongshijing gold deposit, which occurs in the Middle and Late Carboniferous volcanic and pyroclastic rocks, is of the brittle-ductile sh ear zone type cont...
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Nd isotopic characteristics of Proterozoic metasedimentary rocks and constraints on their provenance in the eastern segment of Central Tianshan Belt, Xinjiang 

Sm Nd isotopic characteristics, ε Nd ( t ) values and Nd model ages ( T DM ) of Proterozoic metasedimentary rocks in the eastern segment of Ce...
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Comprehensive constraint on the tectono-sedimentary setting of Late Paleozoic turbidites of the Kamuste area, eastern Junggar,Xinjiang 

Petrography and geochemistry, combined with sedimentation analyses allow for a thorough evaluation of the tectono-sedimentary setting of late Paleozoic turbi...
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Physicochemical Control of the Early Permian Xiangshan Fe-Ti Oxide Deposit in Eastern Tianshan(Xinjiang), NW China 

The Xiangshan mafic-ultramafic complex is one of the major Early Permian mafic-ultramafic intrusions in eastern Tianshan(Xinjiang, NW China), and consists of tw...
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紫花苜蓿复合体(Medicago sativa complex)是极为重要的牧草资源,其成员间具有明显的形态渐渡特征。为摸清其种质资源状况并明确其分类学问题,通过查阅馆藏腊叶标本和野外居群采样,观测了39个形态性状,并利用主成分分析和聚类分析的方法进行运算。结果表明,紫花苜蓿复合体的花器官有形成 大花类型 和 小花类型...
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Impacts of Climatic Change on River Runoff in Northern Xinjiang of China over Last Fifty Years 

The characteristics of climatic change and river runoff, as well as the response of river runoff to climatic change in the northern Xinjiang are analyzed on the...
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Xinjiang Constructs White Mineral Oil Project 

Xinhu Petrochemical Company held a groundbreaking ceremony on August30th to start construction of a 50 000 t/a white mineral oil project at KuxiIndustrial P...
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Breeding habitat selection by houbara bustard (Chlamydotis [undulata] macqueenii) in Mori, Xinjiang, China 

The breeding habitat selection by houbara bustards in Mori, Xinjiang, China duringthe breeding seasons from April to June 1998-2000 was studied. Most of hab...
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Some new progress in scientific research on the Lop Nur Lake region, Xinjiang, China 

The Lop Nur Lake, a famous lake in the arid areas of China, is located in the communi-cations center of the ancient Silk Road which facilitated the flow of ...
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New Policies in Xinjiang 

Nur Berkri, Chairman of the Xinjiang regional government,said during the 12th meeting of the 11th Standing Committee of the Xinjiang Regional People s
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The Department of Geography,Xinjiang University 

Geography Department of Xinjiang University started as a History cum Geography Department in 1952.The department of History-Geography of Xinjiang Normal Univ...
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The highest voltage class DC transmission line to be built in Xinjiang 

In order to transmit more electricity outward from Xinjiang,on April 15,SGCC initiated the project of the ultra-high voltage power sending-out from Xinjiang...
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Trace Element Geochemistry of the Baishiquan and Pobei Intrusions,Xinjiang,NW China:Petrogenisis Implications 

The Baishiquan and Pobei Early Permian mafic-ultramafic intrusions were emplaced into Proterozoic metamorphic rocks in the Central Tianshan and the Beishan F...
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