CHINALCO to Launch Coal Aluminium Integration Project in Xinjiang 

CHINALCO announced on November 1 that it has inked a strategic cooperation framework agreement with the government of Xinjiang
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Xinjiang will invest in building Tacheng Power Grid 

Xinjiang Power Company and Tacheng Administrative Office jointly signed the Minutes of Talks on Promoting Development of Tacheng Power Grid on November 2. A...
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A 3600 MW power plant to be built in Xinjiang Hami 

A few days ago, the examination meeting on the preliminary feasibility study report of the first phase project of Hami Dananhu Power Plant was held in Urumq...
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Epidemiological study of TTV and HGV infection in blood donors of Xinjiang 

Epidemiological study of TTV and HGV infection in blood donors of Xinjiang
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Carbon Isotope Anomaly and Significance at the Boundary Between Precambrian and Cambrian on Keping Section, Xinjiang, Northwest China 

The Precambrian-Cambrian boundary is the most important interface in the geologic records and therefore greatly interests the geologists. And studies in car...
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Yongshun Rare & Precious Metals Co.Ltd., a joint venture between XinjiangNonferrous Rare & Precious MetalsDeveloping Company under XinjiangNonferrous Metals...
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The Lower Cambrian univalved molluscs described in the present paper were collected in 1977—1978 by the geological parties from the base of the Xidashan For...
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Gravity variation before the Akto Ms6.7 earthquake,Xinjiang 

The relationship between gravity variation and the Akto Ms6.7 earthquake on November 11, 2016, was studied by use of mobile gravity observation data from the Ch...
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Effect of Glycyrrhiza uralensis Fisch polysaccharide on growth performance and immunologic function in mice in Ural City,Xinjiang 

Objective:To discuss the effect of Glycyrrhiza uralensis(G.uralensis) Fisch polysaccharide on growth performance and immunologic function in mice in Ural City,X...
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The Surface Rupture Zone and Coseismic Deformation Produced by the Yutian Ms7.3 Earthquake of 21 March 2008,Xinjiang 

On 21 March 2008,a Ms7.3 earthquake occurred at Quickbird,Yutian County,Xinjiang.We attempt to reveal the features of the causative fault of this shock and its ...
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Chemostratigraphy and lithological characters of Neoproterozoic cap carbonates from the Kuruktag Mountain, Xinjiang, western China 

The Neoproterozoic Era includes some of the most largest ice ages in the geological history. The exact number of glaciations is unknown, though there were at le...
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Leaching experiment research on host rocks of Qiaogashan gold deposit in Shanshan County, Xinjiang, China 

1 Geological setting of the deposit THE Qiaogashan gold deposit is located at contact zone of middle Tianshan terrance and south Tianshanback-arc basin, and...
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Xinjiang’s Quzi Opera 

CHINESE traditional operasare an important form of artin China’s national culture.Their variety of dramatic genresprovides rich and artistic charm,For a numb...
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The Largest in China Coal-to-Gas Project Will Be Constructed in Eastern Jungar of Xinjiang 

The eastern Jungar region in Xinjiang will construct the largest in China coal gasification project with the gas output reaching 30 billion m3/a.It is learne...
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Study on Chemical Constituents from the Ancient Ephedra Species Found in Yanghai,Xinjiang 

[Objective]To separate and identify the chemical constituents of the ancient Ephedra species and investigate their stability.[Method] The chemical constituents ...
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