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Beautiful China:Ah haba village of XinJiang 

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Xinjiang Qinghua Kicks off Coal-to-Gas Project in Xinjiang 

Xinjiang Qinghua Coal Chemical Co.,Ltd.began construction on the first phase of a 5.5billion cubic meters a year coal-to-gas projectin Yining county,Xinjian...
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Xinjiang Tunhe Polyester Starts up PBT Project 

On October 28th, 2009 Xinjiang Tunhe PolyesterCo., Ltd. (Xinjiang Tunhe Polyester)held a ceremony for the startup of 60 000 t/aPBT (polybutylene terephthala...
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Geochemistry and Chronology of the Late Paleozoic volcanicrocks in west Tianshan Mountains, Xinjiang 

The Late Paleozoic volcanic rocks in western Tianshan Mountains (Central Asia) formed the strata up to 10000m in an area of large than 30000km2. These volcan...
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Metallogenic characteristics of epithermal gold deposits in Tianshan, Xinjiang, China 

TIANSHAN in southern Xinjiang belongs to the Paleozoic island arc system in which volcanic rocks are extensively distributed. A series of epithermal gold de...
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Special Tour of Xinjiang 

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Influence of Surrounding Large Earthquakes on Moderate Earthquake Activity within Xinjiang 

Based on the statistical results of the relationship between the large earthquakes surrounding Xinjiang and moderate earthquakes within Xinjiang since 1950,this...
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Xinjiang:Cotton Yield Down 21.3% 

Under the impact of policy adjustment and market recession, the larg-est cotton region Xinjiang reported coverage of 20.156 million mu, down 19.4%. The yeild...
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Mt DNA and Y-chromosome Genetic Polymorphism of Uyghur Population in Different Regions of Xinjiang 

Venous blood samples from 240 unrelated uyghur individuals living in eight region of Xinjiang were collected and their mtDNA HVRⅠsequences were detected by u...
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Nd-Sr Isotope Geological Study on the Age of Armantai Ophiolite, Xinjiang, China 

Sm-Nd and Rb-Sr whole-rock isochron dating of the samples of cumulated gabbro,diabase and andesitic porphyrite from the A-rmantai ophiolite, Xinjiang,...
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Analysis on Changes of Basic Climatic Elements and Extreme Events in Xinjiang, China during 1961-2010 

By using the observation data from 89 weather stations in Xinjiang during 1961-2010, this paper analyzed the basic climatic elements including temperature, prec...
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Climate Change and Its Effects on Runoff in the North of Tianshan,Xinjiang 

[Objective] The aim was to study climate changes in northern Tianshan in Xinjiang and its influences on runoff. [Method] Based on the runoff data for 54 years o...
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Impressions of Xinjiang 

THESE are digitally processed pictures of theXingjiang landscape that I took one year ago. Onlooking through my picture albums one day, andrecalling the tim...
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Geochronology of Granitoid Rocks and Geochemistry, Petrogenesis of Volcanic Rocks in the Dahalajunshan Formation Towards a Genetic Model for the Associated Iron Ore Deposits, Xinjiang, NW China 

There are many skarn deposits that occur in volcanic rocks as stratiform and lentoid bodies,for example the Lower Yangtze River Valley,Western Tianshan Mount...
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