She Made Me Understand What Love Is 

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What time do you go to school》教学案例 

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What are Exciting in Laser Science 

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Unit2《What’s your number?》教学设计 

设计思路:依据生本理念,针对三年级起点的学生英语学习基础,以引导学生自主学习、培养学生自主学习的习惯为目的,采用分层次教学,给与学生更多的空间合作与展示。教学目标:1.学习16以内加法算式的英文问答;能够听懂单词neighbours,理解句子We are neighbours.的含义。2.能正确听、说、认读数字f...
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What′s new with the XYZ mesons? 

I review some of the recent experimental results on the so-called XYZ mesons.
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which 和 what 是大家都非常熟悉的两个词,但在教学中总有学生问及诸如此类的问题:(1)What book is it?Which book is it?(2)What would you like to eat?Which would you like-steak or plaice?这两组句中的 w...
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Uncommon complications of therapeutic endoscopic ultrasonography: What, why, and how to prevent 

There is an increasing role for endoscopic ultrasound(EUS)-guided interventions in the treatment of many conditions. Although it has been shown that these types...
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First Issue of 2013: What’s New for JIPB 

It is no exaggeration to say that 2012 was an eventful year.China has a new president, Xi Jinping, and the US re-elected Barack Obama. Gmail was ranked as th...
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What’s Your Need 

June is the season making the textile machinery producers around the world so excited,international textile machinery exhibitions provided sufficient opportunit...
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冀教版九年级Book6 Lesson 21,What’s in a name 

一教材分析本课选自冀教版九年级下册Book6 Unit3 Lesson21 What’s in a name?,本课通过Brian的自我介绍,使我们了解在西方国家,人们名字的特点及使用;通过李明与Danny的一段小对话,很直观的为我们展示了中西方名字先后顺序的区别,在正式场合人们的称呼,以及Sir的用法。
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中学课本中 what 一词属于多功能疑问词。也就是说它的用法很多。在大多数情况下,可以用 what 发问,掌握好 what 的用法,对提高语言表达能力有帮助。现就 what 一词的用法小结如下:
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Happy New Year of The...What? 

Every person is indeed looking for strength and success in their lives.As the last of the fireworks blasts off its sparklv salute to mark the turn of the New...
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如果说上午的报告明确地指出了IT“大言希声”的特性,那么下午的报告和第二届企业研究院高峰论坛则务实地回答了在IT企业的创新领域,我们应该做的几件事情。  主持人:  中科院研究生院常务副院长 高文  对话人:  联想集团研究院院长 贺志强
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China auto shares calm on end of tax incentive China’s auto stocks, which were bruised recently by Bei-jing’s policy to limit new car registrations in the ca...
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The Use of ″What 

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