New Concept for the Utilization of Silicon Tetrachloride 

The pollution of silicon tetrachloride residue has seriously constrained the sound devel-opment of polycrystalline silicon and solar energy sectors in China...
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Thermal power utilization hours substantially dropped 

In the first half of this year, the utilization hours of ther-mal power equipment were 2748, a decrease of 178 hours under those of the same period last year...
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Evaluation of the Development and Utilization Value of Wild Medicinal Plant Resources in Tangshan and Study of the Development and Utilization Approaches 

[Objective] To evaluate the development and utilization value of wild medicinal plant resources in Tangshan mountainous areas and to study the development and u...
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Processing and Utilization of Naphthenic Base Heavy Crude Oil 

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Evaluation of N-carbamoylglutamate as Arginine Enhancer and Its Effect on Rumen Fermentation,Lactation Performance and Nitrogen Utilization in High Yielding Lactating Dairy Cows 

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Resource Characteristics and Sustainable Utilization Countermeasures of Polygonatum Cirrhifolium,a Rare and Endangered Tibetan Medicinal Plant of Tibet Plateau 

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Temporal and Spatial Variations of Microbial Carbon Utilization in Water Bodies from the Dajiuhu Peatland, Central China 

To investigate the microbial utilization of organic carbon in peatland ecosystem, water samples were collected from the Dajiuhu Peatland and nearby lakes, centr...
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China to Step-up Standardization of Resource Savings and Utilization 

Sun Xiaokang, Deputy Director of the Standardization Administration of China(SAC), speaking at the recent 10th International Forum on Development of China Hi...
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Comparative research of effective utilization and efficacy duration of phenamacrilon rice bakanae disease control by different seed treatment methods Department of Plant Pathology,China Agricultural University 

Phenamacril is a domestically created new fungicide,which showed a good control effecton rice bakanae disease.To clarify the effective utilization and efficacy ...
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