Feasibility of breaking up sitting time in mainstream and special schools with a cognitively challenging motor task 

Background: Children spend 70% of the school day sitting in class. Classroom-based active breaks can benefit children s physical health, but if the breaks are c...
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Willingness of People of Different Ages to Learn Online——Taking Guizhou Cadre Online Learning School as an Example 

The method of statistical analysis is employed in this paper to research the interests of online cadre learners, including learners from administrative organiza...
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Parental social support, perceived competence and enjoyment in school physical activity 

Background:Beginning in the elementary school years,there are differences among children on how they perceive their competence in physical activity(PA).Children...
《Journal of Sport and Health Science》  2018年 第03期 下载次数(35)| 被引次数()

Transition from early intervention program to primary school in children with autism spectrum disorder 

AIM To evaluate the characteristics that are associated with successful transition to school outcomes in preschool aged children with autism.METHODS Twenty-one ...
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Tibet s school for the blind was founded in 1999 by the blind German woman Sabriye Tenberken,who was not only the first person to establish a school especial...
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Beijing Will Open All Schools to Disabled Children in 2012 

According to Beijing Daily , Beijing will carry out a policy that all schools open to disabled children with disabilities in 2012. Children with autism are ...
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China to inject RMB 600 mln to build schools for disabled 

China has decided to allocate RMB 600 million(about US$87.7 mil- lion)to build 190 special schools for the disabled this year, an official said on Septernber...
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Tibetan School's Road to Fame 

The city of Hezuo, located on the border of Gansu, Qinghai and Sichuan provinces in northwest China, has since ancient times be
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To Touch Soul of Rakes——Reform school of juvenile offenders 

Separated from the women s prison by only a wall is a big courtyard. It is a world of green. We were told that growing in the three hectare courtyard are mo...
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10~(th) Anniversary of Huaxia Chinese School 

In this May, some 500 Chinese met at the Empire Restaurant in the northern New Jersey in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Huaxia Chinese School. As...
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Beijing Tibet Middle School 

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A Visit to Toba Township Primary School In Qamdo 

This is a picturesque herders village, flanked by high mountains and a river. On the western slope grow pine trees, while grasslands cover the slope to the...
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My Mother School 

My fellow friends and I were shipped in Jiefang trucks from the land of snow to the Southwest Institute for Nationalities in Chengdu in 1964. It was the fir...
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School Educcation in Tibetan-Inhabited Area in Sichuan 

The Tibetan-inhabited area inSichuan Province is composedmainly of the Garze TibetanAutonomous Prefecture,the AbaTibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefec-ture,an...
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More Girls Going to School Raises Hope for Women in Northwest China 

THE main difficulty developing countries have faced in making primary education universal is its education of girls. In Gansu and Qinghai provinces and the ...
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