Integrating China English into College English Teaching 

China English does exist, which is reconfirmed by salient linguistic features illustrated and documented by many research scholars. This paper explores some ped...
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Incorporating China English into Pedagogic Models in College Spoken English Classroom in Mainland China 

1.World Englishes and China English Nowadays,English has served as the internationally acknowledged lingua franca while the whole world has become a global v...
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An Analysis of Teachers' Chinese and English Code-switching in College English Classroom 

With increasing exposures to bilingual or multilingual situations,the language contact phenomenon of code-switching has become quite widespread and caught much ...
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The Evaluation of English textbook——New Senior English for China(students' book 5) 

Nowadays,the world is in the way of globalization,and people communicate with each other by using a common language—English,a universal language in the internat...
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On Bringing Industry English Teaching into College English Course 

With the development of global economy,it’s becoming increasingly important to bring industry English into College English Course.But there are still many probl...
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Motivation of Students' English Learning and Its Implications for English Teaching 

As is well-known,people’s behaviors come from certain motivation.The learning of English also related to this certain motivation.The stronger the motivation is,...
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Basic English Writing Skills employed by English Majors 

In Second Language Acquisition, writing is an important element. While even for English majors, their performance in English writing is far from satisfaction. T...
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On Grammatical Features of American English and British English 

British English and American English are the two major varieties of English in the world. Due to their independent development with the different historical bac...
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Production of English Tense and Lax Vowel Contrasts in Chinese Learners of English 

Introduction Many non-native learners of English have struggled to produce English tense and lax vowel contrasts.In the previous article,the experiment evalu...
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Chinese English Learners' Perceptions of Accent from the Perspective of English as an International Language 

This study attempts to investigate Chinese English learners’perceptions of accent from the perspective of English as an International Language.The results revea...
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Investigation of English Writing Strategies of English Major Students at Ji'an Normal School 

With the development and growth of the English teaching methodology,more and more researchers and experts have started to focus on English writing,and more and ...
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Difference Between British English and American English in Pronunciation 

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Impact Analysis of The Current English Curriculum for English Majors at The Elementary Stage 

Besides the tremendous changes that happened to English education during the latest decade,socialist market economy has also made new requests for the cultivate...
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The Application of Interactive Teaching Method in Higher-vocational College English Teaching——Textbook Fun with English Book 2,Section 2,Unit 1 Text A as an Example 

This paper explores the effect of interactive teaching on students cooperative ability,competitive ability,positive emotion and creativity as well as their int...
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Do the English Understand "English" 

一片好心,人不领情, 小心 换成 还好吧? ;管的太宽,被人嫌弃, 应该 该问 你真的…… ; 您别客气,我该做的 ,哪个和钱有关系?应邀赴宴,一切随意,文化差异别小觑。
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