Dancing Their Way to Higher Education 

一群来自中国残疾人艺术团的聋哑演员,用残缺的肢体和不屈的心灵,一次又一次地完美演绎了震撼人心的灵魂之舞《千手观音》。一路走来,她们从来没有停下追梦的脚步。这不,最近,她们又一起 舞 进了中国青年政治学院的知识殿堂,开始了挑战自我的新征程。
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The Education of Little Actors and Actresses 

Many children act in TV shows. They work several hours every day,so they can not go to regular(正规的) school.How do they get an education?
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The Education of Child Actors 

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Tips on Going Abroad for Education 

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Education in the United States 

As might be expected,educational institutions in the United States reflect the nation s basic values,especially the ideal of equality of opportunity.From ele...
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Education is important for people.In China,education is gaining more and more attention now.The growing number of people who receive education shows that peo...
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On College English Teaching and Culture Education 

Language and culture are inseparable.The students can not conduct an effective communication when lacking of foreign language knowledge and understanding Wester...
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When Will Chinese Children Enjoy Free Compulsory Education? 

Although the Law on Compulsory Education states that students are exempted from tuition, a general lack of funds for education precludes completely free educ...
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Education In England 

E ngland is in the west of the world.M any things in England are different fromthose in the east. In England, children startsch
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Education in Australia 

Australians are all required to go to school from the time they are six until they finish junior high school at about the age o
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Is Sex Education Appropriate for Middle School Students? 

For many years after the first AIDS case was discovered in New York in 1981, the Chinese believed that AIDS was some- thing tha
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EDUCATION REPORT——GRE and MAT Spell Graduate School Entrance Exams 

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Education in China and America 

My little brother is six years old, in his first grade. Yesterday, he gave Mum a letter from his teacher. I got a red card today. Could you
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Some people go to school for an education.They learn languages,history,politics,geography,physics,chemistry and maths.Others go toschool to learn a skill so ...
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Compulsory Education Without Pay 

All the Chinese middle school students in the countryside don t have to pay for school any more. 51-year-old Ren Yuqi is even happier than the students. It w...
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