Life Is Education Itself 

The first lesson I taught was a bad dream.My passion turned out to be sleeping pills making the students fall asleep.One student even said: It’s too boring. ...
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A Brief Analysis of English Teaching in the Stage of Fundamental Education 

Classroom teaching is the main way to learn English and English teachers are shouldering the key factors to help the students lay a solid foundation for their f...
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Developing and Improving: A Study of the Middle School Students' Writing Ability in the Second Language Education 

With the development and advancement of social and cultural communication between China and other countries in the world,the second language education is very p...
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Love and Education 

Love and education are like twin brothers,where there is education,there is love.Education without love is as men without heart and soul.Love is the forever ...
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Urban-Rural Education Disparity in China: Rural Students Have been Left Behind 

I.Introduction The past thirty years witnessed China’s economic booming and social development.Education has also undergone a reform with great improvement.H...
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A Study on Oral English Teaching of Secondary Vocational Education in Rural Areas 

This paper probes the oral English teaching of secondary vocational education in rural areas with the main problem and effective strategies.
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Young UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Works to Promote Girls' Education 

Hannah Godefa is just 16 years old,but she is busy defending the right of all girls and women to be educated.The young woman serves as a national goodwill am...
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Civics Education & Model United Nations(MUN) Club 

国际公民教育和国际理解教育都是丰富、宏大的主题,在这样的视角下,我们首先聚焦到模拟联合国活动,因为它的平台和理念,它的规则与体验,无不紧扣着时代的要求和挑战。为此,本期专题特邀来自清华大学附属中学国际部的外籍教师Tyler Shelden,以他真诚的国际化教育情怀开篇,以他丰富的模联学生指导经验开篇,望更多青年人与模联...
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Comparison of Sino-US Moral Education in Primary and Secondary School 

This paper argues moral education similarities and differences of primary and secondary schools between China and the United States.
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An Analysis in Harry Potter Series from the Perspective of Education 

In the story,Harry Potter becomes a hero in the end.What makes him a hero? This paper discusses it from the perspective of education in the following 2 aspects....
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The differences of family education between China and America 

虎妈 源自《虎妈战歌》。该书介绍了耶鲁大学华裔教授蔡美儿如何以中国式教育方法管教两个女儿的故事,她要求女儿每科成绩拿A、不准看电视、琴练不好就不准吃饭等。 虎妈 由此登上了《时代》周刊封面, 虎妈 的教育方法引起美国关于中美教育方法的大讨论。下面我们以另一种方式呈现中西方关于教育的观点,看看它们如何在大碰撞中擦...
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The Analysis of the Social Factors of the Inequality of Basic Education in China 

As the famous Chinese ancient theorist Guan Zi said, A year s plan,is the tree valley;ten years,plant trees;life plan,is nurturing people. From ancient times...
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A Greener Education 

Curriculum reforms help Beijing students explore a healthier and more useful lifestyleT he new concept beautiful China, a more evocative and thematically e...
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My Eyes on Chinese Education 

Last year,our school made an exchangewith a Canadian school.The Canadian schoolpointed that Chinese education put more em原phasis on exams which makes our chi...
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Cost of Education Can Ruin Parents 

近年来,出国热潮持续升温,越来越多的中国家长倾尽全力、毅然选择把孩子送到国外深造。然而,这一定是现实而明智的选择吗?倾家荡产送子女出国留学一定会带来丰厚的回报吗?本文提到的 城市新贫民 现象给盲目追随出国热的家长和学子们敲响了警钟。
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