The European Debt Crisis:China to the Rescue? 

IN December 2011 the European debt contagion began to spread from second-tier members of the Eurozone to more highly regarded economies such as Italy, Austri...
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Liability of the Parent Company for Debts of its Subsidiary——The Dutch Approach to Veil Piercing 

1.Introduction In 2009 the Dutch Supreme Court decided in the Comsys case that a parent company could be held liable for the debts of its subsidiary because ...
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Wallowing in Debt 

China launches an audit as local government debt swells WHEN the city of Detroit filed the largest municipal bankruptcy case in U.S.history,well-known econom...
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Growing Sovereign Debt Fears 

The Greek debt crisis poses a major obstacle for the world economy to overcome before global markets can begin to rally. Greece s GDP currently stands at 240...
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Local Debts on a National Scale 

Local governments reliance on borrowed money to spur economic development ignites worries Recently proposed Ministry of Finance measures to supervise the fi...
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Debt-Ridding Options 

The sovereign debt crisis hovering over Greece and some eurozone countries has sparked concerns of a recession on continental Europe. Han Zhiguo, head of the...
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Local Debt Scare 

China steps up a clampdown on the financing vehicles of local governments control over local governments financing vehicles will be tightened to fend off wh...
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Debt Dilemma 

The United States faces tough choices of running deficits or limiting government Now that the U.S.Federal Government has reached
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Debts and Downgrades 

An analysis of the context of the U.S. debt ceiling debate helps put the crisis into perspective The months-long debt ceiling debate in the United States has...
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Calming Local Debt Fears 

Local governments in China, barred from directly selling bonds and taking out bank loans, have set up thousands of financing vehicles to raise money to fund ...
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The U.S.Debt Crisisand China's Countermeasures 

ON August 5, 2011, the international credit-rating agency Standard & Poor s (S&P) downgraded its U.S. long-term debt assessment from AAA to AA+ with a negati...
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Debt Contagion 

The European debt crisis will not badly hit China s economy Despite Europe s economic woes, China faces no real risks from the sovereign debt crisis. China s...
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Dealing With Debt 

As the number of people who are insolvent because of excessive consumption grows so does the call for individual bankruptcy legislation Chen Jie recently gai...
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Are Professional Debt Collectors a Necessity? 

China’s first 100 commercial debt collectors received their licenses in August from the China Employment Training Technique Ins
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How to Select an International Debt Collection Agency 

Along with the progress of global trade and finance , business competition betwee n su pp l ie r s has become even mo r e furio
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