European Sovereign Debt Crisis's Influence and Enlightenment on China 

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U.S. Debt Crisis Increases the Risk of the Chinese Textile Exports 

Credit rating agency Standard & Poor s on Friday downgraded the U.S. s rating.Fear is spreading quickly through the market.It s becoming a vicious cycle and cou...
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On the US Debt Crisis and Its Possible Solutions 

Following the eruption of European debt crisis in the wake of the financial crisis,a new debt crisis began to ferment on the US soils.On May 16th,with US deb...
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Can Man U Kick Its Debt Habit? 

Among English soccer teams,Manchester United is in a class by itself.The Red Devils, as fans around theworld call them, have been England s
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Export Heads toward Growth despite EU Debt Woes 

In the Jan.-Apr. 2010 period,China s textile and garment total exports amounted to $55.3 billion,up 15.76 percent y/y.Although Chinese textile industry continue...
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Facing Bad Debts:To Give Up or To Claim? 

The global financial tsunami of 2008 has affected all major export markets. The situation is much more severe than in previous crises.World trade is serious...
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Structural jump-diffusion model for pricing collateralized debt obligations tranches 

This paper considers the pricing problem of collateralized debt obligations tranches under a structural jump-diffusion model, where the asset value of each refe...
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Risk Analysis on the Developed Economies' Sovereign Debt Crisis 

As an impact of International Financial Crisis,the Greek sovereign debt crisis suddenly turned up.Some European countries debt crisis got further unveiled.Th...
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Customer Activity Sequence Classification for Debt Prevention in Social Security 

From a data mining perspective, sequence classification is to build a classifier using frequent sequential patterns. However, mining for a complete set of seque...
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Ten key kinds of energy-saving engineering started Weighty projects will take priority from national debt funds 

In order to implement the Medium- and Long-Term Program for Energy Saving, the National Development and Reform Commission has recently initiated ten key kind...
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The strategic model for insured bond of firm is a new model which is developed based on options pricing model and game theory. When firm s bond was insured a...
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The Scale of Public Debt in China 

In measuring the present scale of China s public debt, two different types of indexes, stock index and flow index, should be employed separately. The scale ...
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Contingent Debt in China's Public Sector 

Ⅰ.IntroductionSince the reform and opening-up,treasury bonds haveplayed an important role in raising funds and adjusting themacroeconomic activities in Chin...
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The State Council has issued a circular pro-hibiting State-owned and collective enterprisesfrom avoiding their debts when their operatingmechanisms are refo...
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Pinguo and Jinchuan signed frame contracts of debt-for-equity with banks 

Pingguo Aluminium Corp.and JinchuanNonferrous Metals Corp.recently signed twoframe contrads of debt-for-equity swapswith two major State banks and a Stateas...
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