Simultaneous determination of phenylalanine and tyrosine in peripheral blood by HPLC with untraviolet detection and its Application in Phenylketonuria 

Background Phenylalanine(Phe) and tyrosine(Tyr) are important amino acids in vivo and have been demonstrated to be the most reliable direct approach to the d...
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Application value of real-time three-dimensional contrast-enhanced ultrasound for morphological assessing of hepatocellular carcinoma before radiofrequency ablation treatment 

Objective To investigate the evaluating ability of real-time three-dimensional contrast-enhanced ultrasound(RT-3D-CEUS)for morphology of hepatocellular carci...
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Prokaryotic expression of AAVR fusion proteins and the application for AAV preparation and characterization 

As a prominent viral vector,adeno-associated virus(AAV) has been used for human gene therapy for more over three decades,however,its natural cellular receptor A...
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Posterior Condylar Tibial Plateau Fractures:CT Classification and Its Clinical Application 

Objective:To study the new CT classification,surgical methods and clinical result of posterior condylar tibial plateau fractures. Methods From January 2006 t...
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Fluoroscopically Triggered Three- dimensional Contrast Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Angiography:The Application of Renal Arteries Diseases 

Objective:Discuss the technique of fluoroscopy triggering 3D CE-MRA and its clinical application value Methods:81 patients with suspected abnormality of the ...
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Establishment and application of a multiple drug resistance gene detection method of Yersina pestis 

Objective To establish a method for detection of multiple drug resistance gene of Yersina pestis using polymerase chain reaction(PCR),and to provide a guidan...
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Clinical application of automated digital image analysis for morphology review of peripheral blood leukocyte 

Objective To explore the clinical application of automated digital image analysis in leukocyte morphology examination when review criteria of hematology anal...
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Clinical application of new Fractional UltraPulse CO_2 laser 

Laser skin resurfacing is considered the gold standard treatment of rhytides and photodamaged skin. The maker disadvantage of this approach is the prolonged ...
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Biomechanics of Gamma nail following its application in modally body 

Objective To investigate stress changes follo wing application of Gamma nail in mod ally body.Method Gamma nail was placed femur in isolated intertrochanter f r...
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A Novel Nitroreductase-enhanced MRI Contrast Agent and its Potential Application in Bacterial Imaging 

Nitroreductases(NTRs) are present in a wide range of bacterial genera and, to a lesser extent, in eukaryotes hypoxic tumour cells and tumorous tissues, which ma...
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The Application of DR Dual Energy Subtraction Technology in Chest Radiograpy Imaging 

Objective:To discuss the clinical value of DR dual energy subtraction technology in the diagnosis of chest radiography imaging.
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Clinical Application of 16 -Slice Spiral CT Coronary Angiography 

Objective:To study the clinical value of 16 -slice spiral CT coronary angiography.
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Application research of function magnetic resonance imaging-integrated neuronavigation and protection of brain function 

Objective To evaluate the clinical practicability of integration of functional magnetic resonance imaging(fMRI) data into neuronavigation as a tool to precis...
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