Contrast- Enhanced Low Extremity Vascular MR Angiography at 3.0 Tesla:Initial Experience on Technique Application 

Objective:To discuss the practical method and key point of technique with contrast enhanced magnetic resonance angiography (CE-MRA) of the low extremity vasc...
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Application of multipoint analysis magnification method of digital panoramic tomography for impacted maxillary teeth positioning comparative study with CBCT 

Objective:To evaluate the multipoint analysis magnification of the maxillary anterior impacted teeth with digital pantomograghy,and to explore the rule of th...
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The application of volume rendering three-dimensional reconstruction of enhanced CT in vascular prediction of autologous submandibular gland transplantation 

Objective:To evaluate the possibility of pre-operative prediction of whether anterior facial vein(AFV) enters the submandibular gland and the caliber-matchin...
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Application of CRS-PCR-RFLP to identify CYP1A1 gene polymorphism 

Objects:Explore a novel PCR-RFLP method for identifying the single-nucleotide polymorphism(SNP) of rs1048943 of CYP1A1 gene.Methods:The study used an improved P...
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Application Value of transvaginal 4-Dimensional Hysterosalpingocontrast Sonography using SonoVue in Diagnosis of Infertility 

Objective:To investigate the clinical value of transvaginal 4-Dimensional Hysterosalpingocontrast Sonography(4D-HyCoSy)using SonoVue in the diagnosis of tuba...
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Clinical application of laparoscopic ultrasound in pancreatic disease 

Objective To evaluate the clinical value of laparoscopic ultrasound in pancreatic disease. Methods A total of 15cases(14 pancreatic cancer,lpancreatisis conf...
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The Application Value of LAVA Integrated with ASSET in The Hepatic Vessels Imaging 

Objective:To evaluate the application value of liver acquisition volume acceleration(LAVA) integrated with array spatial sensitivity encoding technique(ASSET...
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Clinical Application of 64-slice spiral CT in the Diagnosis of the Tetralogy of Fallot 

Objective To explore the clinical application of 64-slice spiral CT in the diagnosis of the Tetralogy of Fallot. Methods 18 patients with diagnosed Tetralogy...
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The research of percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy application in the home enteral nutrition support 

Objective To evaluate the safety and efficacy of percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy(PEG)in home enterol nutrition support.Methods We retrospectively analyze...
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Application Value of Laboratory Indexes in the Differential Diagnosis of Henoch-Schnlein Purpura 

Background.This study aimed to explore the value of laboratory indexes in the differential diagnosis of Henoch-Schnlein purpura(HSP).Methods.Patients with HSP ...
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The application of Z-scores in the diagnosis of fetal aortic stenosis 

Objectives To develop Z-score for aorta in normal fetuses and to evaluate its diagnostic value in fetuses with aortic stenosis(AS).Methods Three hundreds sin...
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Two options for Tele-echography:(a)a robotic arm,ISDN or Satellite lines,(b)a volumic echographic capture system,and internet(Fetal and Abdominal application) 

Objective:to test(a)the tele-echography in realtime based on the use of a robotic arm,(b)the delayed tele echography using a volumic echographic capture and ...
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Application of location on lithotripter with the spiral CT 

Objective: To evaluate the application of locating the stone that is difficult to find by ultrasound and X-ray on lithotripter with the spiral CT results. Metho...
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