Cup-drawing formation of steel sheet with nickel coating by finite element method 

The finite element method(FEM) simulation of deep-drawing of steel sheet with nickel coating based on the solid element and dynamic explicit method was reported...
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Laserlite Launches New PETG Sheet Line 

On September 13th,2007 to respond to increasing de-mand for copolyester(Polyethylene Terephtalate Glycolor PETG)sheets in Asia,Laserlite Australia has launc...
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Answer Sheet 

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Process of back pressure deep drawing with solid granule medium on sheet metal 

The experimental die apparatus of the solid granules medium forming on sheet metal was designed and manufactured.Typical parts,such as conical,parabolic,cylindr...
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An EBSD study of the micro structural development during annealing of a folded super duplex stainless steel sheet sample 

Super duplex stainless steels(SDSS) show complex precipitation and transformation behavior during heat treatment processes,which affects both mechanical and ...
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Plasma sheet stretching accompanied by field aligned energetic ion fluxes observed by the NUADU instrument aboard TC-2 

The NUADU (NeUtral Atom Detector Unit) instrument aboard TC-2 recorded 4л solid angle images of charged particles (E 180 keV) spiraling around the magnetic fie...
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Both Capacity and Output of Luoyang-made Aluminum Sheet, Strip and Foil Accounted for 50% of Total China 

Recently,the Henan Province Aluminum Processing Technology Exchange Conference opened at Yidian Holding Group.Currently output of Henan Province’s aluminum p...
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Structure and properties of AZ31B magnesium alloy sheets processed by repeatedly unidirectional bending at different temperatures 

Repeatedly unidirectional bending(RUB) was applied to the magnesium alloy sheet to improve the basal texture.The effect of RUB temperature on resulting structur...
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An analytical model for predicting sheet springback after V-bending 

Springback is caused by the redistribution of stress in sheet material after the tooling is removed. Precise prediction of sheet springback is very important in...
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Qinhuangdao Shougang Steel Sheet Co. Ltd 

The Qinhuangdao Shougang Steel Sheet Co. Ltd is a joint ventureco-invested by the Shougang General Corporation, the Qinhuangdao City Environment Protection ...
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利用Excel VBA编程,用管道焊接记录套用固定格式Excel模板,实现自动快速生成交工表格资料。
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Effect of the width on AZ31 sheet rolling 

A pyramid sheet has been used in experiments and three-dimensional finite element simulation to study the edge cracks and effects of width on AZ31 sheet under r...
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