SOUTHWEST ALUMINIUM FABRI-CATING PLANT succeeded in producingthe high performance super fine alu-minium sheet after three years re-search and development wi...
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3-sheet structure of Inconel 718 superalloy processed by LBW/SPF and its load response 

The 3-sheet structure of Inconel 718 superalloy will be used in flying vehicles as heat resisting and shielding structure due to its lightweight, high strength ...
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Antarctic ice sheet GLIMMER model test and its simplified model on 2-dimensional ice flow 

The 3-dimensional finite difference thermodynamic coupled model on Antarctic ice sheet,GLIMMER model,is described. An ide-alized ice sheet numerical test was co...
《Progress in Natural Science》  2008年 第02期 下载次数(21)| 被引次数(4)

Anisotropic formation mechanism and nanomechanics for the self-assembly process of cross-β peptides 

Nanostructures self-assembled by cross-β peptides with ordered structures and advantageous mechanical properties have many potential applications in biomaterial...
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Aluminum Foil and Aluminum Sheet Project with the Total Investment of RMB 1 billion Officially Launched in Wanshan 

According the news report on February 25,Wanshan district and Galaxy Aluminum Co.,Ltd. in Shengzhou,Zhejiang province signed an agreement on aluminum foil an...
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Sheet Metal Forming Optimization by Using Surrogate Modeling Techniques 

Surrogate assisted optimization has been widely applied in sheet metal forming design due to its efficiency. Therefore, to improve the efficiency of design and ...
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基于EXCEL VBA电大补修课程考场编排系统的设计 

学校开放教育专科升本科补修课程考试一直使用人工编排考场方式,工作量大,易出错。为此,作者根据学校实际情况,开发了基于Excel VBA技术的电大补修课程考场教室编排系统,并阐述了系统的设计思路、数据来源以及相关技术实现。
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Status Quo of China's Aluminum Sheet & Strip Industry 

Aluminum sheet & strip products are one of the major product varieties in the aluminum processing industry, they also provide indis-pensable basic materials ...
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The project of Tianjin Gangshan CopperSheet & Strip Co.Ltd was signedrecently in Tianjin.The company isjoint—ventured by Tianjin CopperStrip Plant and Malay...
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Galvanized Sheet Market In Guangdong 

The galvanized sheet price in Guang-dong province soared during Juneand July this year.The price forJapanese 0.28-0.35x1000xC sheetwas high at 13,00-9,500 y...
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Deformation Characteristic of Aluminum Sheet/Powders/Aluminum Sheet Sandwich Rolling Process 

The aluminum sheet/powders/aluminum sheet sandwich rolling process which was applied to manufacturing precursor of foam aluminum sandwich panel was put forward....
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文章以 中职学校教职员工基本情况一览表 的信息为依据,运用EXCEL的函数来完成包含学校基本数据、教师职称结构、教师类型、教师年龄结构、学历结构等的 中职学校教师人员结构分析统计表 的填写为案例,阐述了EXCEL的函数在教师信息统计中的应用。
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Ultra-high strength sheet steel property developments 

Conventional advanced high strength steels(AHSS) such as dual-phase,TRIP and martensitic sheet products have undergone extensive development and substantiall...
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