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Synthesis of Fluorescent Bio-hierarchical Material by Assembling Carbon Dots on Butterfly Wing 

Photonic crystals(PCs), which are composed of periodic arrays of contrasting refractive index materials, have shown an increasing number of applications in ever...
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Preparation and Properties of Building Materials from FaL-G (Fly Ash, Lime and FGD Gypsum) 

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High efficiency planar p-i-n perovskites solar cells using low-cost fluorene-based hole transporting material 

For the commercial applications, it is a challenge to find suitable and low-cost hole-transporting material(HTM) in planar p-i-n perovskite solar cells(pp-PSCs)...
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ZIF-67-Catalyzed Vinylation of Oxo-heterocycle with Alkynes through Direct C-H Bond Functionalization 

With the development of material science,a wide variety of metal-organic frameworks with superior catalytic performance and outstanding surface properties,have ...
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Matter: It's material 

Matter-a new journal from Cell Press and a sister to Cell, Chem, and,Joule-is the home for multi-disciplinary,transformative materials science research.New t...
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Bayer Material Science and Peking University Selects Winners of "Water Plan" Business Strategy Contest 

On October 21st, 2009 Teamingup with Peking University, BayerMaterial Science s Coatings andAdhesives Business Unit (CAS)announced the winners of the Water ...
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Global Partner Local Presence— Bayer Material Science Highlights Color Competence in China 

On April 18th,Bayer Material Science an-nounced the establishment of new facilities in China aimed at further strengthening its ability to provide highly-ta...
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Project Research on Material Science Using Short-Lived Nuclei and Radiations 

Objective and Participating Research Subjects The main objectives of this project research are the investigation of the local properties of materials using s...
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