Knockdown protein phosphatase-2A inhibitor suppresses GSK-3β signaling and attenuates tau-associated pathologies and memory deficits 

Object Increased inhibitor-2 of protein phosphatase-2A(I_2~(PP2A)) level has been associated with decreased protein phosphatase-2A(PP2A) activity and tau hyperp...
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The Charge of a Neutron Scattering Facility for Building A Successful User Community - Instrumentation, Users And Science 

The success of a user facility depends upon a range of factors including the quality and reliability of the source and the quality, range and relevance of th...
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European Social Psychology as Social Institution and as Science 

Social Psvchology in Europe Some informations will be given about the teaching of social psychology in the European universities,about the research activitie...
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The Present Status of Microgravity Science in Japan 

Since JAXA was established,activities on microgravity science and on utilization of the International Space Station(ISS) have been maintained.Note that the p...
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Winning the Olympic by Apply Biological Science 

It is said that to win an Olympic gold medal, 80% depends on training, 15 % depends on science support and 5 % is luck. As far as training there is not much ...
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从科学到实践:膳食营养素参考摄入量研讨会 8月27-28日北京 会议日程 

从科学到实践:膳食营养素参考摄入量研讨会会议资料  2012-08-27 下载次数(8)| 被引次数(0)

The advanced platform of protein crystallography of National Facility of Protein Science at Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility 

An advanced platform of highly efficient protein crystallography affiliated with National Facility of Protein Science is being developed at Shanghai Synchrotron...
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Marine Science 

Marine science is a multidisciplinary field focusing on the natural and social characteristics about the ocean,of which the development is of significance fo...
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Pathway-based genome-wide association studies for live weight trait in simmental cattle 

Genome-wide association studies(GWAS)have become a powerful tool to detect genes associate with economically important traits in domestic animals.However,GWA...
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JAXA and Space Life Science Research 

We would like to introduce about a new space organization in Japan, targets of space life science research, and the newest space experiment in this workshop,...
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A Surface Science Approach to Perovskite Solar Cell Research 

Perovskite solar cells have garnered much attention because of low-cost fabrication and high efficiency. For efficient solar cells, surfaces and interfaces are ...
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Insect Science最新进展 

Insect Science是我国惟一的SCI源昆虫学期刊,预计该刊的2009年影响因子将超过1.0。为进一步推进的刊物国际化,Insect Science在稿件审理,出版流程方面进行了一系列调整,刊物学术质量不断提高。在线投稿:Insect Science采用ScholarOne Manuscripts在线投稿...
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Ectopic expression of wheat TaCIPK14 confers salinity and cold tolerance in tobacco 

Calcineurin B-like protein-interacting protein kinases(CIPKs) are components of Ca2+ signaling that play important roles in responses to various abiotic stre...
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安全是国家稳定、社会发展、人民安康幸福的基石。 安全科学与工程 学科为人类生存与发展提供安全科技支撑和高级专业人才。在教学过程中,部分安全工程专业课程作为公共选修课被工科本科生选修,在学习过程中,体现出不同的安全科学的认知。本文依托安全工程公共选修课《机械设备安全》,分析安全科学理论特点及其内涵所在,探索不同专业背景的...
第30届全国高校安全科学与工程学术年会暨第12届全国安全…  2018-10-12 下载次数(47)| 被引次数()