Subject of Award of Science & Technology for National in 2013 

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Science and Technology Award of Beijing Municipality in 2013 

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TaCIPK29,a CBL-interacting protein kinase gene from wheat,confers salt stress tolerance in transgenic tobacco 

Calcineurin B-like protein-interacting protein kinases(CIPKs) have been found to be responsive to abiotic stress.However,their precise functions and the rela...
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Application of Environment-controlled SPM in Material Science 

Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM) can be used to nondestructively characterize the three dimensional structure of materials in the nanometer to 100 micron rang...
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Paleontology is a relatively minor subject with few knowing in the past.Only in recent decades,paleontology studies such as evolution of dinosaur and fossil bir...
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Computer Science 

In this paper,three topics about computer science were described.Firstly, the general overview of the computer science was given.The advantage field of compu...
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Making Science Education Intellectually and Morally Powerful 

I. ADVANCES IN SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY AND THEIR IMPACT ON LIFE II. Illiteracy and Semi-illiteracy in Science III. Intellectual and Moral Power of Science Edu...
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China Modernization Report 2011——The first report to introduce the modernization science 

China Modernization Report 2011 is the eleventh report of CMRs,and focus on the introduction of modernization science.The editor-in-chief is research profess...
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“Modernization Science” Available 

Hardcover,ISBN 978-3-642-25458-1Heidelberg:Springer,2012We can read it on line. firs...
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Functional Analysis of the Promoter of Pollen-specific wheat PSG076 gene 

PSG076 is a wheat pollen-specific gene.We isolated the PSG076 promoter from wheat via the inverse PCR(IPCR) method.Sequence analysis showed that the promoter...
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Functional characterization of a lycopeneε-cyclase in wheat(Triticum aestivum L.) and its relation to carotenoid accumulation 

Wheat is one of the most important food crops worldwide.The flour colour of wheat is determined by the carotenoid content in endosperm and it affects both th...
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Publishing in Wiley Materials Science Journals 

A highly competitive research environment with increasingly limited research funding has created a Publish or Perish attitude among scientists who are judged on...
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We propose a new approach of brain-spatial information science, abbreviated to brainsmatics, which refers to the integrated, systematic approach of tracing, mea...
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境外科学教育中HPS教育研究的文献计量学初步分析——以《Science & Education》期刊为例 

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Establishment and Research on Training Plan of Materials Science and Engineering which Adapted to the Social Demand-Kunming University of Science and Technology 

The progress and development of social civilization and economic will promote the advantage of materials science and engineering, while, it will put forward the...
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