Application of telemetry EEG and EMG in conscious free moving dogs and monkeys for safety assessment and translational science 

Dog and monkey are frequently used for cardiovascular safety pharmacology and for toxicology studies,but are not often used for central nervous system(CNS) p...
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Art and Science——微纳传感器和微纳机电系统技术 

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Genome analysis of kenaf (Hibiscus cannabinus) provides insights of phloem fiber and leaf shape biogenesis 

Kenaf(Hibiscus cannabinus,2 n = 36) is one of the largest natural fiber crops for economic importance worldwide.However,few available genomic resources for this...
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The AIE Journey:from Creative Science to Innovative Technology 

Typical chromophores usually suffer from weakening or quenching of light emission caused by aggregation. This notorious photophysical effect is practically harm...
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A Brief Review of Network Science:Theory and Application 

As far as I know,the emerging field of network science has just begun after 1998.A few books and review articles or special reports named after Network Scie...
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Annexin A1 translocates to the nucleus of microglial cells and promotes the expression of pro-inflammatory cytokines in a PKC-dependent manner after oxygen glucose deprivation reoxygenation 

Objective In our previous study, we found that Annexin A1(ANXA1) controls the activity status of microglia in the OGD/R culture environment, phosphorylation lev...
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Contemporary Finance&Economics is a key academic journal of humanities and social science.It is one of the 100 Key Journals of the 3~(rd)China National Perio...
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Synthesis of Fluorescent Bio-hierarchical Material by Assembling Carbon Dots on Butterfly Wing 

Photonic crystals(PCs), which are composed of periodic arrays of contrasting refractive index materials, have shown an increasing number of applications in ever...
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Approaches to Improve the Employability of Science and Engineering Graduates 

This essay has analyzed the employability inadequacy of science and engineering graduates,and put forward four ways to improve the employability of these gradua...
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Total Synthesis and Determination of the Absolute Configuration of Rakicidin A 

Rakicidin A is a cyclic epsipeptide that has exhibited unique growth inhibitory activity against chronic myelogenous leukemia stem cells.Furthermore,rakicidi...
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Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science 

Animal husbandry and veterinary science is closely related to people s livelihood in the ancient field of agricultural science.It originated in the period wh...
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The Success and Experience in Poverty Alleviation through Science and Technology the CPR/91/114 Project Gain in the Arid Areas of NW China 

Improvement of basic living conditions, poverty alleviation, sustainable development of agriculture and women s participation in development are the objecti...
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First principles modelling of spin-polarised electron transport——Virtual Nanolab and Atomistix ToolKit 's application in materials Science 

Recently a lot of effort has been spent to develop new electronic devices that utilize the electron spin to store or process in
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IFN-α-2b sensitizes non-responders of hepatitis B to interleukin-2 

Background: More than 60% of patients infected with hepatitis B virus(HBV) experience a diminished HBV virologic response to standard pegylated(peg) IFN-α-2b ba...
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