A Review and Prospect for Temperature Control Strategy of Watercooled PEMFC 

Temperature is one of the critical factors affecting the performance of proton exchange membrane fuel cell(PEMFC).The temperature control of PEMFC mainly includ...
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A 3-Parameter Thermal Model for the Skin of Stratospheric Airships and Its Computing Analysis 

The temperature distribution on the skin of the stratospheric airship plays an important role in its thermal behavior. In order to analyze the temperature distr...
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Responses of the East Asian Jet Stream to the North Pacific Subtropical Front in Spring 

This study concerns atmospheric responses to the North Pacific Subtropical Front(NPSTF) in the boreal spring over the period of 1982-2014. Statistical results s...
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Magnetic Heat Transfer Enhancements on Fin-tube Heat Exchangers 

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Experimental study on the specific heat of mixing fluid with ethylene glycol and deionized water-based CuO nanofluid 

This paper proposes preparation and investigation of the specific heat c_(p,nf) of mixing fluid with ethylene glycol and deionized water-based CuO nanofluid....
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Tectono-thermal evolution of the Reed Bank Basin,Southern South China Sea 

The Reed Bank Basin in the southern margin of the South China Sea is considered to be a Cenozoic rifted basin.Tectono-thermal history is widely thought to be im...
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Heat Treatment of a Ni_3Al-based Single Crystal Alloy IC32 

IC32 is a new type of Ni3Al-based single crystal alloy, which has been designed to serve at 1200℃. The effect of heat treatment on the microstructure of single ...
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Based on a certain kind of robot controller box, the thermal design for the reliability of the controller box is discussed. The size of the box is analyzed, ...
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Experimental researches on mass and heat transfer in new typical cross-flow rotating packed bed 

New typical cross-flow Rotating Packed Bed (RPB) called multi-pulverizing RPB was manufactured. There is enough void in multi-pulverizing RPB. where liquid e...
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Research on the Control Strategy of Phase-Change Heat Storage Station with Automatic Generation System in Power Network Peak Regulation and Frequency Modulation 

In this paper, the operation strategy of thermal power units after the configuration of phase change heat storage station is put forward, and the mathematical m...
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“亚运食品安全与广东食品产业创新发展”学术研讨会暨20…  2009-11-27 下载次数(116)| 被引次数(1)

The dynamics of submarine geothermal heat pipes 

To better understand natural two-phase hydrothermal systems,we have constructed one-dimensional heat-pipe solutions for NaCl-H_2O fluids and explored the eff...
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Modeling and Simulation of Four Boreholes Heat Transfer And Intermittent Running 

In order to simulate and analyze the soil temperature field of borehole groups in different working condition, a four boreholes vertical U-shaped pipe heat tran...
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饲料营养研究进展——第五届全国饲料营养学术研讨会论文…  2006-10-01 下载次数(61)| 被引次数(0)

Multiple Heat and Drought Events Affect Grain Yield and Accumulations of High Molecular Weight Glutenin Subunits and Glutenin Macropolymer in Wheat 

Spring wheat plants were subjected to water deficits and / or high temperature episodes at spikelet initiation, anthesis or both stages.The stresses modified...
第十五次中国小麦栽培科学学术研讨会论文集  2012-11-01 下载次数(20)| 被引次数(0)