Minimal invasive percutaneous nephrolithotomy foy impacted upper ureteric calculi 

Objective: to explore the safety and efficacy of minimally invacive percutaneous nephrolithotomy in the management of impacted upper ureteric calculi. Mehods...
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Treatment child kidney caculis by color doppler ultrasound-guided percutaneous nephrostomy 

Introduction: Urolithiasis in children is a growing problem.We report our experience with PCNL to treat kidney calculi in children. Methods:A 2.3 years old c...
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Analysis of Composition and Prevention of Upper Urinary Calculi in 678 Cases 

Obective To study the composition of upper urinary calculus and provide the preventive measure of urinay calculus formation.Method The chemical composition of u...
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Renal and Proximal Ureteral Calculi:A Single-surgeon Experience of 382 Cases Running title:Modular Flexible Ureteroscopy for Treatment of Calculi 

Background:The fragility and expensive repair costs of flexible ureteroscope have tempered enthusiasm of both surgeons and institutions for widespread populariz...
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Combination of standard PCNL and mini PCNL for treating staghorn calculi 

Introduction PCNL has emerged as a safe and minimally invasive approach when compared to open operation for patients with staghorn calculi, according to the ...
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The Relations among Some Similar Formulas in First-Order Formal System L 

The relations among some similar formulas ((?)xi)A(xi), A(xi),((?)xi)A(xi), A(t) and A(ai) which are in first-order fuzzy predicate calculi formal system L* ...
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目的探讨 B 超引导下微创经皮肾镜取石术疗效与安全性。方法:回顾性分析该院2005年8月至2007年8月 B 超引导下微创经皮肾镜取石术201例的临床资料。结果 201例均获得较好疗效,无严重并发症发生。结论 B 超引导下微创经皮肾镜取石术手术创伤小,操作简便,疗效满意,值得在临床推广应用。
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Analysis of reasons of difficulty in rigid ureteroscopic lithotripsy and countermeasures 

Objective: To analyze the main causes of difficulty in ureteroscopic lithotripsy and explore the appropriate countermeasures. Methods: Totally 32 cases of ur...
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Modified antegrade ureteral stenting for percutaneous nephrolithotomy via inferior-calyceal tract 

Percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) via single inferior-calyceal tract is suitable for some partial staghorn calculi mainly located in the inferior calyx. A ...
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Percutaneous nephrolithotomy in treatment of complex renal calculi with a combination ultrasonic and pneumatic lithotripsy 

Objective: To evaluate the clinical efficacy of our experience with percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PNL) in the treatment of complex renal calculi with a combi...
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Retrograde Flexible Ureteroscopic Approach For Complex Upper Urinary Calculi 

Objective: To evaluate the clinical efficacy and safety of retrograde approach with flexible ureteroscope combined with Nd:YAG laser for complex upper urinar...
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The Diagnosis of renal replacement lipomatosis and preliminary treatment experiences of percutaneous nephrolithotripsy for the concomitant renal caculi 

Objective: To analysis the characteristics of diagnosis of renal replacement lipomatosis, and report preliminary treatment experiences of percutaneous nephro...
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Ureteroscopic lithotripsy in acute renal failure of kidney induceed by upper urinary tract stones 

Objective To assess the safety and feasibility of ureteroscopic lithotripsy(URL)on the treatment of acute renal failure(ARF) by upper urinary tract stones in...
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