Adaptive Kalman Filter based Robust Tracking Algorithm for New Generation GNSS Signals 

Receivers for new generation Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) signals have to adjust internal parameters adaptively based on the detection of users si...
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Signal Detection Algorithm Design Based on Stochastic Resonance Technology Under Low Signal-to-Noise Ratio 

In the current 4 th generation(4 G)communication network,the base station with the same frequency transmission makes a serious interference among adjacent cells...
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Research on the enhancement of signal-to-noise ratio of light-addressable potentiometric sensor by optical focusing 

For enhancing the response of light-addressable potentiometric sensor(LAPS) and further improving its signal-to-noise ratio(SNR),an optical focusing method is a...
《Optoelectronics Letters》  2016年 第01期 下载次数(26)| 被引次数(0)

Research on assessment method of intrasystem and intersystem of the global navigation satellite system 

The global navigation satellite system(GNSS) has become an important space infrastructure. Following GPS and GLONASS, Europe and China have been building their ...
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Effect of age on click-evoked otoacoustic emission A systematic review 

OBJECTIVE:The aims of this study were to investigate the changes of the total intensity of transient evoked otoacoustic emission(TEOAE) and signal-to-noise rati...
《Neural Regeneration Research》  2012年 第11期 下载次数(28)| 被引次数(1)

Clinical Value of Dual-energy CT in Detection of Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma: Investigation of the Best Pancreatic Tumor Contrast to Noise Ratio 

Objective To quantitatively compare and determine the best pancreatic tumor contrast to noise ratio (CNR) in different dual-energy derived datasets. Methods In ...
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Probability Data Screening Method in Airgun Signal Processing Application 

The signal excited by the airgun source is weak, and is easily affected by human motion noise, instrument failure, and earthquake and blasting events, resulting...
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Mass to light ratio of galaxies and gravitational lensing 

We investigate the potential of constraining the mass to light ratio of field galaxies using weak lensing shear and flexions. A suite of Monte Carlo simulations...
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Fault feature enhancement of gearbox in combined machining center by using adaptive cascade stochastic resonance 

The difficulty to select the best system parameters restricts the engineering application of stochastic resonance(SR) . An adaptive cascade stochastic resonance...
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利用太阳射电暴影响全球定位系统(global positioning system,GPS)性能这一特征,提出一种基于GPS载噪比下降的太阳射电暴检测方法。首先计算观测地的太阳高度角,接着筛选出“降点”和“升点”用于确定单个观测地单颗卫星的波谷时间区间,最后综合多颗卫星和多个观测地得到太阳射电暴的检测结果。实验结果表明...
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The effects of current density ratio and reflectivity on the gain,saturation and noise characteristics of a two-section MQW RSOA 

A 1.3 μm two-section multi-quantum well reflective semiconductor optical amplifier is designed and fabricated.The impacts of injection current density ratio ...
《Journal of Semiconductors》  2013年 第05期 下载次数(56)| 被引次数(1)

Enhancement of signal-noise-ratio in a distributed polarization mode coupling detection system 

A distributed polarization-mode coupling measurement system was designed and implemented using white light interferometry. It can be used for the measurement of...
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目的 通过研究早期病理嗓音的相对信噪比变化 ,寻找检测早期喉疾病的方法。方法 应用小波变换对早期病理嗓音信号进行多重分解 ,提取和放大频谱的高端噪声。结果 病态嗓音和正常嗓音的频谱高端相对信噪比存在显著差异。结论 基于小波变换的相对信噪比较易检测出高频段嗓音异常
《听力学及言语疾病杂志》  2002年 第04期 下载次数(71)| 被引次数(8)