Optimization of green sand mould system using Taguchi based grey relational analysis 

The strength of the mould cavity in sand casting is very much significant to attain high-quality castings. Optimization of green sand process parameters plays a...
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New developments in high quality grey cast irons 

The paper reviews original data obtained by the present authors,revealed in recent separate publications,describing specific procedures for high quality grey ir...
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本标准规定了灰铸铁接触电阻加热淬火质量检验和评定。 本标准适用于采用铜滚轮电极接触电阻加热淬火的场合,其他电极接触电阻加热淬火质量检验和评级也可参照执行。
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An optimal two-dimensional transverse section of eutectic cells or ellipsoid austenite dendritesin the grey cast iron specimen was prepared by polishing lay...
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The document applies to general tolerances and required machining allowances, if applicable, for grey iron rough casting surfaces to be machined. General ...
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Effects of heat treatment on mechanical properties and microstructure of tungsten fiber reinforced grey cast iron matrix composites 

In this study,grey cast iron matrix composites reinforced by different volume fractions of tungsten fibers(Vr=0.95%,1.90%,2.85%,3.80%)were investigated in as-ca...
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Specifies grey iron pipes and fittings with spigots, sockets or flanges, test and working pressures, marking, quality, heat treatment, dimensions, mechani...
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灰铸铁 无缺口冲击试验 

Specifies requirements for the determination of the impact strength. The test consists in breaking a series of unnotched machined cylindrical test pieces restin...
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Optimization of back bead geometry in the PMAG-TIG twin arc hybrid root welding process using grey based Taguchi method 

This study investigated multi-response optimization of the pulse metal active gas-tungsten inert gas( PMAG-TIG) twin arc hybrid root welding process for an opti...
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Effects of carbon content and solidification rate on thermal conductivity of grey cast iron 

The thermal conductivity or diffusivity of pearlitic grey irons with various carbon contents is investigated by the laser flash method. The materials are cast i...
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Optimization for Hydroforming Loading Paths of Parallel Multi-branch Tubes Based on Grey System Theory 

According to characteristic of hydroforming of parallel multi-branch tubes,multi-objective problems were transformed to single objective problem of relational g...
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JB/T 7945-1999 本标准是对 JB/T 7945-95《灰铸铁机械性能试验方法》的修订,修订时仅按有关规定作了编辑性修改,技术内容没有改变。 本标准规定了灰铸铁的抗拉强度、抗弯强度、挠度、抗压强度、压缩率等力学性能的试验方法。 本标准适用于在常温静力条件下,测定灰铸...
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Effects of Carbon Content and Solidification Rate on the Thermal Conductivity of Grey Cast Iron 

The thermal conductivity/diffusivity of pearlitic grey irons with various carbon contents was investi- gated by the laser flash method. The materials were cast ...
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