Measures Taken to Secure Employment 

The background In 2008,the financial crisis has swept the globe and its tentacles went across the Pacific Ocean to mainland China. Along with the global econ...
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Hepatic encephalopathy before and neurological complications after liver transplantation have no impact on the employment status 1 year after transplantation 

AIM To investigate the impact of hepatic encephalopathybefore orthotopic liver transplantation(OLT) and neurological complications after OLT on employment after...
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Employment Aid: Key to Helping Disadvantaged Groups 

Employment is the bedrock of people’s livelihood. at the beginning of this year,the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the Chinese government paid close atte...
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The Relation of Export and Employment of China 

Export is seen as foreign demand for domestic goods.Therefore for long export has been considered being able to promote China s GDP as well as employment.Howeve...
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Chairman's government background, excess employment and government subsidies: Evidence from Chinese local state-owned enterprises 

Local state-owned enterprises(SOEs) in China continue to face government interference in their operations. They are influenced both by the government s grabbing...
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Equality or Efflciency,Which Comes First in China Today? 

Employment,income distribution and social security have always been the hot topics in economic development. Economists tend to argue that employment discriminat...
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On Civil Society Forum of CONGO 

On 29-30 June, Civil Society Forum organized by the Conference of Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in consultative status wi
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高等教育大众化 ,促使高等教育不断深化 ,同时引发了毕业生就业难等问题。关注高等教育深化过程中的就业问题 ,需要有效配置教育资源 ,防止文凭的泛滥和教育过度 ,在就业观念与人才观念上做出理性的思考与重新定位。
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Employment effect of China's environmental regulation: Evidence based on spatial panel data 

This article considers 30 provinces of China as the cross-section subjects, and utilizes the data sample from 2009 to 2015 of these cross-sections to formulate ...
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The Influence of Gender and Other Characteristics on Rural Laborers' Employment Patterns in the Mountainous and Upland Areas of Sichuan,China 

This study examines gender differences in rural laborers‘ employment patterns in the mountainous and upland areas of Sichuan, China. The analysis employs both r...
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A Research of the Employment Problem on Common Job-seekers and Graduates 

A problem on the employment market swarming with both multitudinous common job-seekers and graduates was studied. The employment situation in the market was ana...
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The effects of local government investment on economic growth and employment: evidence from transitional China 

Based on the panel data of 28 provinces in the year of 1987-2001, this paper examines the effects of the local government investment on economic growth and empl...
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China to Phase out College Majors with Bleak Employment Outlook 

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Taking Employment as Guide to Improve English Listening and Speaking Skills of Higher Vocational Students 

Insisting on taking employment as guide is the direction of development of higher vocational education in China.With the increasing of the status and role of hi...
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