Employment Advances From Planning to Market in China 

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China’s Employment Situation and Policy 

Employment constitutes the basis of people’s living and the means to ensure the stability of a country as well. Realizing relatively full employment is the i...
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On the Economic Effects of the Employment Rate 

discusses the relationship between employment rates and economic results,an important topic for employment and labor system reform in China.Using foreignand...
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Does labor off-farm employment inevitably lead to land rent out?Evidence from China 

The focus of land economics is on how to decrease the misallocation of resources to achieve an optimal allocation of resources. Both the theories of new economi...
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New labor law makes firms cautious to hire,fire 

The Law of the People s Republic of China on Employment Contracts has stoked wide concern across China.One of the focuses of debate is on termination costs.Util...
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Employment of trauma and injury severity score and a severity characterization of trauma in the outcome evaluation of trauma care and their research advances 

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Childbearing or Working?——Impact of Childbirth on Rural Women's Interruption of Off-farm Employment 

To assess the work interruption information and examine the correlation between childbirth and the off-farm employment interruption of rural women,this article ...
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[目的]对就业难与用工荒并存的现象进行了分析,揭示出产生就业难与用工荒的影响因素;[方法]人口红利的经济学原理的基础上,运用人力资源和自然资源约束条件的ISLM模型描述了这两种状态;[结果]资源约束对人口红利产生 挤出 效应,人口机会窗口更多的表现为就业压力;从劳动力市场分割、产业结构不合理、专业设置落后、就业理念未更...
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非线性规划分析表明,最低工资管制的就业后果不仅取决于最低工资管制本身, 还取决于外部监管环境,当监管环境强化到一定程度时,最低工资管制的就业冲击会扩大。基于粤闽两省439家企业调查数据的实证分析表明,2008年提高最低工资标准对农民工的就业冲击明显强于2007年,但对城镇劳动力没有造成明显强化的冲击。进一步分析证明,农...
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Connotation and Characteristics of Employment Ability of New-generation Migrant Workers in China 

Based on China s special conditions and characteristics of specific group of new-generation migrant workers,this article researches connotation of employment ab...
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Employment and Wage Effects of RMB Exchange Rate for Manufacturing Sectors in China and the US 

By creating a labor market dynamic general equilibrium model, this paper derives the pass-through mechanism of exchange rate s employment and wage effects,carri...
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Present Situation and Problems of Employment 

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EMPLOYMENT:AMATTER OF GENERAL SOLICITUDE—Notes of a Sino-German Seminar on Employment 

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