Current Female Employment Status and Gender Difference in Industrial and Occupational Distribution in China 

According to the Sixth National Population Census (Sixth Census), in 2010 the number of female working-age population aged 15~64 in China was 490 million, a ...
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Analysis on Major Selection and Employment Situation of Minority Students 

In recent years,due to the impact of university increase enrollment policy,the slowdown of global economic growth and other factors,the Students face employment...
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Influential Factors in Employment Location Selection Based on “Push-Pull” Migration Theory—A Case Study in Three Gorges Reservoir Area in China 

In China, farmers employed in non-farm work have become important socio-economic actors, but few studies have examined the farmers perspective in making their ...
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New Employment Opportunities 

When you hear a newly graduated college student say that he or she runs a company,don’t be surprised,as it has become increasingly common for recent college ...
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Relationship between Farmland Use Right Circulation and Non-agricultural Employment——Based on Survey Data from Eastern and Western China 

Relationship between Chinese rural non-agricultural employment and farmland use circulation has always been a hot research topic without final conclusions.This ...
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利用中国1983—2015年的时间序列数据,构建计量实证模型,采用较为前沿的时间序列数据分析方法,深入研究环境污染水平对就业规模和就业结构的影响。研究结论有:第一,环境污染水平对就业规模的影响整体上呈倒 U 型,即随着环境污染的加剧,就业规模先下降后上升,但环境污染水平对不同产业的就业人数表现出明显的差异性,其中,第一...
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一直以来,政府、高校侧重于把 就业率 作为评价高校毕业生就业状况的重要指标,用 就业率 代替了 就业质量 。只有把 就业质量 作为评价毕业生就业状况的标尺,才能真正全面地反映毕业生就业的真实状况,从根本上解决就业问题,促进社会、国家、企业及个人的发展。
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Re-employment Investigation of Peasant Workers Returning Home in Six Provinces 

Upsurge of Peasant Workers Returning Home For the vast number of peasant workers, this winter in 2009 may be unprecedentedly cold .
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Scientific and technological progress like a double-edged sword,exert a double influence on the employ-ment.In our country,we must deal with the relations bet...
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Characteristics of “Reasonable Accommodation” and its Application in Employment in China 

Both reasonable accommodation and accessibility are crucial concepts in the UN Convent ion on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Those two concepts promot...
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Balancing Employment With Restructuring 

Widespread concern exists both at home and abroad over potential layoffs accrued in China’s current cycle of cutting overcapacity.The coal,iron and steel ind...
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Asian Employment Forum Held in Beijing 

From August 13 through 15,2007,the Asian Employment Forum sponsored by the International Labor Organization(ILO)and hosted by the Ministry of Labor and Socia...
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