Plasma Science Advancing Knowledge in the National Interest 

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Development and identification of bread wheat-Elytrigia elongata translocation and substitution lines 

The Elytrigia elongata(Host)Nevski(2n=10x=70),as an important wheat-related species,possesses many excellent agronomic characters which can be used to improve w...
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Although China now boasts of the world s second largest population of Internet users and US-based transnational corporations from Cisco to Intel have played ...
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History,Present and Future of Solar Radiation Pressure Theory 

It’s a review article about the Solar Radiation Pressure Theory (SRPT). The applications of SRPT in asteroid dynamics, space debris long-term evolution and arti...
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On problems and tendencies of Russian industry development(regional aspect) 

this paper devote to analyses of problems and tendencies of Russian industry development and its regional aspects.This paper is wrote in the frame of interna...
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There is an influential proposition in the scholarly literature on China s economic transformation since the late 1970s.It states that China s reformed econo...
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Using a panel of Chinese firms over the period 2000-2007, this paper presents findings that the financial constraints upon private firms, identified in research...
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Post-transcriptionsl modifications play important roles in balancing rice yield and resistance 

Post-translational modifications(PTMs) are versatile regulatory changes critical for plantdevelopment and immune response processes.Significantly,PTMs are invol...
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The Four Major State-owned Commercial banks County Business Problems and Countermeasures: In Heilongjiang Province as an Example 

Based on the heilongjiang province as an example, through to the county economic development status and the four major state-owned commercial banks county busin...
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In order to provide permanent work of small and the middle business of enterprise it is necessary to do developing concept and state support of consider mult...
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The present state & development prospects of Russian national communications satellite system 

1. According to estimations of specialists by 2003 one dollar of each 15 will circulate in information and telecommunications sphere. International telecomm...
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Molecular epigenetic understanding of flowering-time regulation by vernalization in Arabidopsis 

Plants must adapt to local environment and make adaptive adjustments in growth and development responding to environmental signals, and in many plants when to f...
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City-region integration policies and their incongruous outcomes: the case of Shantou-Chaozhou-Jieyang city-region in east Guangdong Province, China 

The Guangdong Provincial government envisages the three cities of Shantou, Chaozhou, and Jieyang co-operation and development. In consequence, it has sought to ...
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p27 inhibits CDK6/CCND1 complex formation resulting in cell cycle and cell proliferation to be inhibited 

p27 plays critical roles in cell proliferation, differentiation, and apoptosis, which have been well studied in mammals and the fruit fly. However, the mechanis...
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