Comparative Development of Lint and Fuzz Using Different Cotton Fiber-specific Developmental Mutants in Gossypium hirsutum 

A series of fiber-specific mutants, or germplasms, have been recently used in the study of fiber development. In the current study, scanning electron microscopy...
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Proteomic analysis of soybean defense response induced by cotton worm (prodenia litura,fabricius) feeding 

Background:Cotton worm is one ofthe main insects of soybean in southern China. Plants may acquire defense mechanisms that confer protection from predation by...
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Study on Heterosis and Parent-offspring Correlation between Supper Fibre Varieties and Insect-resistant Transgenic Varieties in Upland Cotton 

62 cross combinations were made between 32 supper fibre varieties and 8 insect-resistant transgenic varieties, Analyzed the heterosis and parent-offspring co...
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Genomics-assisted Breeding in Cotton 

Cotton is a world s leading fiber crop and the second most important oilseed crop.So far,over 50 species in Gossypium have been identified.Of known species,t...
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Global Analysis of Gene Expression in Cotton Fiber Secondary Cell Wall Development Using cDNA Microarray from Two Germplasm Lines that Differ in Fiber Strength 

In this study,two recombinant inbred lines(RILs) that differ in fiber strength,excellent(69307) and poor(69362),was developed from an F_2 population of uplan...
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QTL Mapping for Fiber Quality Traits in Upland Cotton RIL Population Across Multiple Environments 

In the present research,a RIL population(F_(6:8)) with 196 lines was developed from the upland cotton cross of sGK9708 and 0-153.The female parent sGK9708 wa...
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Genome-wide functional analysis of cotton(Gossypium hirsutum) in response to drought stress 

Cotton is one of the most important crops for natural textile fibers and is planted widely in China.However,it often suffered from drought stress which is on...
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RNA editing of mitochondria atp1 transcript are crucial for cotton fiber cell elongation and Arabidopsis trichomes development 

Mitochondria are the powerhouses of plant cells which provide the energy necessary for cell metabolism.In plant mitochondria,transcriptional and post-transcript...
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Cotton Leaf Curl Multan virus C4 protein suppresses both transcriptional and post-transcriptional gene silencing by interacting with SAM synthetase 

Gene silencing is a natural antiviral defense mechanism in plants.For effective infection,plant viruses encode viral silencing suppressors to counter this plant...
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Overexpression of cotton(Gossypium hirrsutum) dirigenti gene enhances lignification that blocks the spread of Verticillium dahliae 

Dirigent super-family abounds throughout the plant kingdom,especially vascular plants.To elucidate the function of cotton(Gossypium hirsutum) DIR genes in li...
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GhTF1,a novel nuclear-localized CCCH-type zinc finger protein from cotton,is involved in drought and salt resistance in transgenic Arabidopsis 

Zinc finger proteins are a superfamily which involved in various of plant developmental regulation and stress tolerance.However,the function of cotton CCCH-t...
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Functional Characterization of the Transcription Factor GhWZX1 in Cotton Fiber Development 

Cotton is the world s most important natural textile fiber.Cotton fiber development consists of differentiatiorn/intiation,elongation,secondary wall depositi...
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Genetic diversity and population structure in Earliness Cultivars in Upland Cotton of Xinjiang using SSR molecular marker 

In order to provide useful information for association analysis and breeding of earliness cultivars in upland cotton of Xinjiang,the diversity and population st...
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