New Technology Relating to Green Production of Cyclohexanone Is Ready for Commercial Application 

On February 14,2017 the Sinopec Corp.convened a meeting on reviewing and assessing the commercial application of the technology relating to a 200 kt/a unit f...
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These application guidelines include guidance on the design, planning, operation, installation,commissioning and maintenance of IAS installed in buildings...
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Commercial Application of Silver Catalyst YS-8810 in EG Unit of Shanghai Petrochemical Company 

The high-selectivity silver catalyst YS-8810 developed by the Yanshan Branch of Beijing Research Institute of Chemical Industry and manufactured by SINOPEC C...
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Effects of Natural Weathering on A Wood Fiber/HDPE Composite and Application of Additives 

This article discussed the changes in color and chemical components on the surfaces of wood flour(WF)/high density polyethylene(HDPE) composite used outdoor ...
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Commercial Application of New Process for Cyclohexane Oxidation Using Oxygen Enriched Air at Baling Petrochemical Company 

The new process for cyclohexane oxidation with oxygen-enriched air developed by Baling Petrochemical Companyhas been applied in commercial scale on the 70 k...
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Commercial Application of Coal-Based Ethylene Glycol Techology 

Shanghai Golden Coal Chemical New Technology Co.,Ltd. has officially signed with Tongliao municipal government an agreement on construction of a 1.2 Mt/a eth...
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This part of ISO 8873 outlines requirements for the application of rigid cellular plastic spray polyurethane foamfor thermal insulation. The primary `#~ap...
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First Commercial Application of YS-9010 Silver Catalyst at Yangzi Petrochemical Company 

The technical development project Commercial test for application of YS-9010 silver catalyst ,jointly undertaken by the SINOPEC Yangzi Petrochemical Company(...
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