Commercial Application of Technology for Treating PO/PS Off-gases at SINOPEC 

The package technology for catalytic oxidative treatment of propylene oxide (PO)/styrene monomer (SM) off-gases developed by Sinopec Corp. has found its comm...
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Study on Application of Silver Catalyst YS-9010 at Shanghai Petrochemical Company Passed Appraisal 

The project for commercial application of the silver catalyst YS-9010 at the Shanghai Petrochemical Company has passed the appraisal. The experts attending t...
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Commercial Application Test of Novel Aromatics Adsorbent Passed Appraisal 

The project “Development and Commercial Application Test of the RAX-2000A Type Adsorbent” undertaken by SINOPEC RIPP and SINOPE
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Polymer-supported 1,4-dihydronicotinamide: Synthesis and Application in the Reduction of the Activated Olefins 

s: Three new polymer-supported NAD(P)H models (I, II, III) were designed and synthesized, which can efficiently reduce many act
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N-Acetylglucosamine-Based Low-Molecular-Weight Efficient Organogelators and Their Application in Oil Spill Recovery 

Recently,low molecular weight organogelator capable of solidifying oil from oil-water mixture(phaseselective gelation[1])has become an important area of researc...
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Project “Commercial Application of Deethylation Type Isomerization Catalyst in Large Units” Passed Appraisal 

The project Commercial application of deethylation type isomerization catalyst in large units jointly developed by the SINOPEC Research Institute of Petrol...
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Successful Commercial Application of Catalyst for Ethylene Oxychlorination Developed by Beijing Research Institute of Chemical Industry 

The commercial application test of the new generation cata- lyst for ethylene oxychlorination performed jointly by SINOPEC Beij
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