Successful Application of SANC-11 Catalyst for Manufacture of Acrylonitrile at Anqing Petrochemical Company 

On April 12, 2018 the catalyst SANC-11 developed proprietarily by the SINOPEC Shanghai Research Institute of Petrochemical Technology (SRIPT) had wholly repl...
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Newly Designed Polypropylene Polyol with Terminated Primary Hydroxy Group and Application for Polyurethane Foam 

1 Results Polypropylene polyol is very important chemical materials for polyurethane. We developed newly designed polypropylene polyol with terminated prima...
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Successful Commercial Application of Hexene-1 Package Technology at Petro China 

On October 29,2014 the hexene-1 package technology independently developed by the Petro China Petrochemical Research Institute(PRI)has been applied in commer...
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Commercial Application of the Packaged Technology for Toluene Disproportionation and Transalkylation Passed Appraisal 

“Development and commercial application of the packaged technology for toluene disproportionation and transalkylation” jointly
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Methods for Construction of Sidechain of Brassinosteroids and Application to Syntheses of Brassinosteroids 

Brassinolide [(22R, 23R, 24S)-2α, 3α, 22, 23-tetrahydroxy-24-methyl-B-homo-7-oxa-5α-cholestan-6-one (1)] isolated from the pollen of rape (Brassica napus) i...
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Catalytic Application of Congested Aluminum Bis(amidinate) Complexes in Ring-Opening Polymerization of rac-Lactide 

A series of bis(amidinate) aluminum complexes 2a-g were isolated from the reaction of trimethyl aluminum and the corresponding amidines.Complexes 2a-g were f...
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Discovery and application of 6π-azaelectrocyclization to natural product synthesis and synthetic biology 

While elucidating the inhibitory mechanism of a hydrolytic enzyme by aldehyde-containing natural product,we discovered a reaction involving a rapid 6π-azaelectr...
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Commercial Application of Catalyst for Hydrotreating Raw Benzene Developed by CAS Shanxi Institute of Coal Chemicals 

The catalyst for raw benzene hydrotreating developed by CAS Shanxi Institute of Coal Chemicals was successfully applied in the 80 kt/a raw benzene hydrotreat...
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A Concise Method for the Preparation of β-Hydroxymethyl α-Furfuryl Amine Derivative and its Application to Synthesis of 1-Deoxyazasugar Isomers 

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Describes two methods for assessing flow on a vertical surface and two for flow from an orifice.
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Successful Application of Novel Extractive Rectification Technology Developed by Tianjin Kaisaite Technology Company 

It is told that the technology for extractive rectification of raw benzene developed by the Tianjin Kaisaite Technology Co.,Ltd.has been successively applied...
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