Study on the Synthesis and application of 4,6-bis(diphenylphosphino)phenoxazine 

4,6-bis(diphenylphosphino)phenoxazine was an important organic phosphorus ligand. It was widely used in hydroformylation, Palladium-catalyzed cross-coupling rea...
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Synthesis and Application of Non-cross-linked Polystyrene (NCPS) Supported 2-Oxazolidinethione and 2-Thiazolidinethione 

Optically active oxazolidinethione and thiazolidinethione have been used extensively as chiral auxiliaries. Surprisingly, polymer supported oxazolidinethione...
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Electrochemical behavior of Jateorhizine at L-aspartic acid modified glassy carbon electrode and analytical application 

A simple but highly sensitive voltammetric method for the determination of Jateorhizine was developed using a poly(L-aspartic acid) modified electrode. The redo...
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Synthesis of novel chiral biquinolyl biphosphine ligand and its application in Palladium-catalyzed asymmetric allylic allylations 

A novel chiral biphosphine ligands,6,6 -bis(diphenylphosphmo)-5,5 -biquinoline(BIQAP)was synthesized by two step reactions used optical pure BIQOL as starting m...
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Phthalocyanine Functionalization and Application in Optoelectronic Devices 

Small molecules and oligomers with delocalized π-electron conjugated systems have been the subject of intense attention because of their promising photophysical...
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Synthesis of sulfonated oligosaccharide analogues and their application in capillary electrophoresis 

Capillary electrophoresis is analysis technology using dielectric migration of charged particles in an electric field for the separation of chemical or biochemi...
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Synthesis of Iso-condensed Heteroaromatic Pyrroles and Their Application in the Preparation of Conducting Polymers 

Iso-condensed heteroaromatic pyrroles 1 are 10π-electron aromatic compounds. They are of interest from both theoretical and syn
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Preparation and Synthetic Application of 3-Diazoindolin-2-imines 

Copper-catalyzed azide-alkyne cycloaddition(CuAAC)between 2-alkynylinilines and sulfonyl azides efficiently constructed triazoloindoles which subsequently op...
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Synthesis of New Prolinamides and Their Application in Catalytic Asymmetric Direct Aldol Reaction 

The asymmetric aldol reaction is one of the most powerful methods for the construction of complex chiral polyol architectures. Much organocatalysts have been...
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Split Operator Method in MM-VB Model: Application to Non-adiabatic Dynamics Simulations 

The mixed quantum/classical non-adiabatic dynamics simulations on the MM-VB model achieved great successful for the radiationless internal conversion processes ...
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Wormlike chain model and its application in polymer physics 

It is commonly acknowledged that the mean-field treatment based on the Gaussian chain model is an effective tool to study the phase behavior of various polym...
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Solvation corrected atom radii of metal ions and its application in Association Constants Calculation for Metal Complexes 

We review some of our recently work in solvent corrected atomic radii(SCAR) fitting of metal ions and evaluation in association constants calculation in meta...
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