Modular Synthesis of Ir(Phox)-Cored Dendritic Catalysts and Their Application in Asymmetric Hydrogenation of 2, 4-Diaryl-1, 5- Benzodiazepines: A Strong Positive Dendritic Effect on Catalytic Activity 

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O-36-Controlled Synthesis and Electrochemical Application of Mesoporous Carbon Nanofibres 

A facile and reproducible one-step pathway has been developed for preparing ordered arrays of mesoporous carbon nanostructures with in the pores of AAO membr...
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计时电位法是电分析方法的重要分支。最早的计时电位实验可以追溯到20世纪初,但此控制电流的方法直到上个世纪中叶才引起研究者的关注。随后衍生出导数计时电位法(derivative chronopotentiometry, DCP)、循环计时电位法(cyclic chronopotentiometry, CCP)以及倒导数计...
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Platinum Nano particles Loading on Super Hydrophobic Carbon Fiber Electrode Preparation of Hydrogen Peroxide Sensor and its Application Research 

Nano platinum loading on carbon fiber electrodes are shown to be excellent amperometric sensors for the detection of hydrogen peroxide over a wide range of c...
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A simple method of synthesis of Prussian blue analogues-Room temperature ionic liquid method and its catalytic application in epoxidation of styrene 

In this article,a fascinating new application of ionic liquid,tetramethylammonium tetrafluoroborate,as both a stabilizing agent and a reaction medium in the syn...
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Application of natural minerals in the catalytic wet air oxidation(CWAO) 

Methods such as processing of ilmenite concentrate by impregnation and roasting,several kinds of CWAO system mineral catalyst is prepared.And to explore under c...
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Design, Synthesis of Chiral Ketone and Application in Asymmetric Epoxidation 

A class of chiral ketone was synthesized for asymmetric epoxidation. High ee values have been obtained for a number of cis olef
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石墨烯是一种由单层碳原子组成的正六边形结构。由于其在力学,热学,电学,光学方面的良好性质,石墨烯受到的关注日渐增加。这些突出的性质不仅包括高强度,高刚度,高表体比,高热传导率,高电子迁移率,还包括低密度以及低光吸收率.比如,石墨烯的弹性模量是钢的10倍.它的热传导率为(4.84± 0.44)X 103 至(5.30± ...
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Polymer-supported 1,4-dihydronicotinamide: Synthesis and Application in the Reduction of the Activated Olefins 

s: Three new polymer-supported NAD(P)H models (I, II, III) were designed and synthesized, which can efficiently reduce many act
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Carbon-based Nanomaterials in Energy Application: A First-Principles Computational Study 

Inexpensive,metal-free materials of high performance in energy application as diverse as solutions,fuel-cell operation,supercapacitors,and catalyst,is highly...
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N-Acetylglucosamine-Based Low-Molecular-Weight Efficient Organogelators and Their Application in Oil Spill Recovery 

Recently,low molecular weight organogelator capable of solidifying oil from oil-water mixture(phaseselective gelation[1])has become an important area of researc...
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Enantioselective Synthesis of Allenes——A Collection of First Generation Technology and Application 

Allenes have been becoming a more and more important class of chemicals showing very attractive reactivities,~1 thus,new methods for the efficient synthesis of ...
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Self-assembly Mechanism and Application of Environmental Responsive Peptide Hydrogel 

A novel environmental responsive peptide hydrogel, which exhibits response to pH and redox, was presented. In our study, a series of experiments were conducted ...
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Application LC-MS/MS method to a study of zaltoprofen in healthy human plasma and urine 

Aims A sensitive LC-MS/MS method was developed for the determination of zaitoprofen in human plasma and urine.Methods The biological samples were precipitate...
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