The Fluorescence Enhancement of Au Nanoparticles self-assembled with 6-Mercaptopurine and Its Determination Application 

The fluorescent gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) of mean diameter of 15 run have been synthesized using citrate reduction of HAuCl4 in aqueous solution. It was fou...
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Discovery and application of 6π-azaelectrocyclization to natural product synthesis and synthetic biology 

While elucidating the inhibitory mechanism of a hydrolytic enzyme by aldehyde-containing natural product,we discovered a reaction involving a rapid 6π-azaelectr...
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The Application of Hydroxyurea in the Separation of U and Pu 

The present paper suggests a novel salt-free organic agent to separate U and Pu in HNO3 solution. This agent is hydroxyurea(HU) which has strong reduction ab...
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A Concise Method for the Preparation of β-Hydroxymethyl α-Furfuryl Amine Derivative and its Application to Synthesis of 1-Deoxyazasugar Isomers 

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Chemical Passivation of Semiconductor Ga As and Its Chiral Recognition Application 

Chiral recognition of amino acid enantiomers are a hot research topic in chemistry,biology and interdisciplinary field~([1]).Most of the chiral receptors report...
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PIFA-Mediated Oxidative C(sp~2)-N Bond Coupling for Synthesis of Quinolinones and Its Application to Pyrrolo[3,2-c]quinolinones 

Quinolinones are an important class of heterocycles,which have been known to exhibit a broad range of biological properties including antibiotic,~1 anticancer,~...
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Potassium-Doped Carbon Nanotubes toward the Direct Electrochemistry of Cholesterol Oxidase and Its Application in Cholesterol Biosensor 

Carbon nanotubes(CNTs)constitute the novel carbon system in which chemical doping strongly modifies the physical properties and enhances catalytically activi...
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Controlled synthesis of mesoporous Co_3O_4 nanorods and their application as electrochemical capacitor electrodes 

Cobalt oxalate nanorods have been successfully synthesized by a simple coprecipitating method in the absence of any surfactant at ambient conditions.The solv...
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Porphyrin-incorporated low band gap conjugated polymers for polymer solar cell application 

Novel D-A copolymers were developed by utilizing pyrene-modified porphyrin as complementary light-harvesting unit(LHU).It was found that adding proper amount...
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A Novel Probe-Based Ultraweak Chemiluminescence Technique for the Detection of A Set of Four Oxygen-Derived Free Radicals and Their Application in Assessing Radical-Scavenging Abilities of Antioxidant Mixtures or Purified Compounds 

A probe-based ultraweak chemiluminescence (CL) technique capable of measuring the production of a set of four oxygen derived free radicals performed by same...
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Design, Synthesis and Application of Chiral Sulfinamide Monophosphines in Asymmetric Catalysis 

Over past years,chiral phosphines have emerged as powerful nucleophilic catalysis and ligands of transition metal catalysis.Despite many types of privileged ...
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Solid phase extraction and bioanalysis of CpG oligonucleotides 107(CpG ODN107) and it's metabolites in mice plasma by LC-MS/MS for application to a pharmacokinetic study 

CpG oligodeoxynucleotide 107(CpG ODN107) is a novel radiosensitizer for glioma.Herein,a novel and sensitive reversed phase HPLC coupled with electrospray triple...
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Au-Pd bimetallic nanoparticle catalysts and their application in selective oxidation 

The selective oxidation can be effe ctively catalyzed using noble m etal nanoparticles. Choosing an appropriate support with well- defined structure and suitabl...
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Coordination-Driven Assembly of Homochiral Nanoscale Molecules and their application in enantioselective separation 

Several homochiral porous coordination nanocages were self-assembled from semiflexible enantiopure metalloligands with complementary coordination motifs.Sing...
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Conference on Rare Earth Research and Application (ICRERA-2004) 

TheICRERA 2 0 0 4willbeheldinBaotou ,IMAR ,China ,Aug .8~ 12th .AsoneoftheindustrybasesinChi na ,Baotoupossessesspecialadvantag
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